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Apology Letters format, complete Apology letters example.

Apology Letters

In business, there are many possibilities for a company to make a mistake or do a service not satisfying their customer company, etc. In such cases, the responsible person of the company writes a business apology letter to the customer company with the reason for the mistake or delay in their service. See the sample letter template below.

Letter Sample



Company name and address




Company name and address

Dear Sir/Madam,

[content of the letter with reason for apology]

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Your name

Whenever anyone commits any kind of mistake after relaxing or thinking for some time they realize their mistake and wanted to apologies for the same. Hence saying sorry or apologies for your mistake is itself a good idea. There are many ways to say son-v you can directly go to a person whom you have hurt and apologies. But if you feel ashamed of facing the person you can write an apology or sorry letter to that person.

While writing a sorry letter keep certain things in mind such as always address the letter to the respective person only After address greeting the person is equally important.

Then comes the main Para of the letter, which will contain your gestures and feelings for the person whom you want to say sorry While writing commit your mistake and apologies to him. Try to explain the situation due to which you made such mistake and try to convince him over that situation. Language plays an equally important role when writing sorry or apology letters. Try should be polite, smile and briefly explained.

Before closing you letter assure the reader that whatever mistake happed from you that won’t be repeated from your side in the near future. Make it a point that the letter should be written in such a way that reader has to accept your apology and give you second chance to continue your relation with him.

After assurance close the letter again by greeting and also give your address for reference.


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