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Letter of Agreement “Tenancy Agreement Letter” complete agreement letters example

Tenancy Agreement Letter

This letter would most likely be addressed by the interested parties proposing to enter into live and license agreement be it licensor and licensee and like interrelated members. This would denote the purpose of agreement, nature of transaction, deposit and instalments, customary amenities, any rules and restrictions linked up revolving the tenancy agreement.


Mr. Narayan Shetty

Nariman Point


3rd September, 2011

Subject: Informing about dealing and consenting with the tenancy agreement.

Dear Mr. Narayan,


This is to consent with the reference to your recent telephonic conversation to deal with and accept the clauses as .proposed to enter into the tenancy agreement in relation to the subject.

This one is to confirm and acknowledge the clauses to pay a sum amount of 710,000/- inclusive of monthly rentals, amenity’s maintenance, water charges and to bear the electricity bills separately. Further, kindly requesting you to extend the renewal period from eleven months period to replace for eighteen months.

Lastly, to request to give more than a month’s advance notice in order to vacant in any default from our side or any unavoidable crisis. Enclosing herewith four post-dated cheques as to abide with the clauses and also includes the advance deposit.

Yours Sincerely

Ms Ankita Singh


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