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Sample Agreement Letter-Agreement Letters

Sample Agreement Letter

This letter would be addressed to any company to enter-into an agreement with another company and accept the terms and conditions laid down during the official meeting between both the companies. This agreement letter would indicate the type of work both the companies have agreed to perform.

Deepak Kumar

10 A, Street No. 3

MG Road


6th September, 2010

Subject: Marketing agreement between two companies

This letter is with regards to the advertisement given in the yesterdays newspaper and we feel proud to introduce ourselves as M/s ABC Advertising Agency. We are ready to take up your proposal of doing marketing work for your company. We will charge 7 10,000 for a week for this work of marketing. This price includes print material like posters, handbills, radio announcements, advertisements in local newspaper as well as on television channels and also street-to-street mike announcements. Your company will give the wordings of the announcement and the payment can be made after the work gets complete. Mode of payment will be through cheques and payment should be made in three installments, first on agreement, second at the time when work commences and lastly when the work is completed.

Yours Sincerely

Vinod Singh

M/s ABC Advertising Agency



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