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Letter from a teacher to a student motivating him for success.

Letter from a teacher to a student motivating him for success

My Dear Aniketa,

I received your letter last Saturday, but due to paucity of time, could not give an immediate reply. Going through your letter, I could imagine your happiness of competing the IIM’s Common Admission Test. Yes, my son, it is a real achievement, but do not rest on your laurels because “You have many promises to keep and miles to go before your sleep”.

Remember my son that success is short-lasting and if you have to maintain the success, you have to strive continuously to scale the ladder and after reaching, staying at the top. For success, you need ninety-nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration. This inspiration comes in the form of your parents, well-wishers and last but not the least, your mentors. I must appreciate the fact that so many of my students have passed from this alma mater but you are the one who still communicates with me. It really cockles my heart, at this gesture of yours. How’s your father and mother? Convey them my warm regards and my heartfelt wishes to your elder sister. As far as I’m concerned, I’m in the school for another three years and after retirement, I’ll take to writing books on economics. I have plans to come down to Dehradun in this summer vacations alongwith my wife and sons and hope to meet you them. I would definitely like to spend some quality time with you. Keep on writing and apprising of your latest achievements and do not take it to heart if I’m unable to reply you on time.

With Blessings and Regards,



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