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Information Technology (402 and 462) Vocational IT NSQF Class 9 Question Paper download.




The maximum time allowed   is 1 hour.

Section A:                                                                                      TOTAL MARKS – 30

Multiple choice Questions:                                                                      [10 X 1=10]

Functional English

  1. The Japanese way of saying goodbye _____________ “Sayonara”.

(a) is               (b) are                                    (c) being


  1. She __________________ a passion for reading (has, having)


  1. ______________ (Any, Few) of us are ready to say “Sorry” but ______________ of us always demand it from others. (many, much)


  1. How much does ________________ automatic camera cost?(A, An , The)


  1. He refused to ……………. the award.( Accept — Except — Expect)


  1. I will …………… the table for dinner.( lay — Lie — Laid)


  1. The……………… of this college is very strict. (Principal — Principle)


  1. What do you think the line “Negotiation is a tricky art…” mean?
  2. a) It is difficult b) It is complicated c) It is easy   d) None


  1. Select the correct option:
  2. a) The Manager was angry at Ravi
  3. The Manager was surprised
  4. The Manager disagreed with Ravi

d  All are correct

  1. You can keep my iPod if you like. I ….. it any more.
  2. don`t use
  3. doesn`t use
  4. didn`t use
  5. am not using


Section B:                                                                    [7 X 2=14]


Q1.     What is a Computer? Write a Note on Computer.

Q2.     Write 10 Advantages of Computer.

Q3.     Write 10 Disadvantages of Computer.

Q4.     Write all Five Generations of Computer.

Q5.     Explain:  Personal Computer, Notebook Computer and Smart Phone.

Q6.     What are the use of Storage Devices, Hard Disk, RAM ,Pen drive  and CD   ROM?

Q7.     Write a Note on Windows Operating System.



Section C:                                                                     [3 X 2=6]


Q1.     Differentiate between a Typewriter and Computer.

Q2.     Write any 10 Advantages of Good Typing.

Q3.     What is MS Power Point? Write brief note on MS Power Point.


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