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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “A Morning Walk” Complete Paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Morning Walk


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Essay No. 01

A morning walk is a very useful exercise taken in the early hours of the morning. It is a time when the mind is fresh and the body is active. It is rightly said, “Early to bed and early rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Many people go out for a walk daily in the morning. I too go for a morning walk daily. One gets used to it with the passage of time. It requires a lot of conditioning in the beginning. A morning walker takes delight in finding himself in the open on the familiar road at the appointed hour. I go up to the canal bank about two kilometers from the city. It is worth going and coming back before the day’s activity begins. It keeps one fit and active throughout the day. It also prevents the body from bulging out. It keeps the throat clear and sets the pace of the morning walker. One inhales the fresh air of the morning in all its fresh glory. A morning walk gives mental poise and sharpens the perceptive power. Eyes get refreshed while looking at the green grass. Outside, nature is at its best at this hour. It is calm all around. Birds sing to the canal bank and sit there for some time. I take exercise for a few minutes. After an hour I come back home. A late-riser misses the charm of the morning walk. A morning walk thus becomes a fit prelude to the day’s work.


Essay No. 02

A Morning Walk

There is nothing like a morning Walk to give a good start to our day. It makes early rising a regular habit. It showers untold blessings upon its undertakers.

Nature shows herself at her best around the morning everything is calm and quiet all around. The plants in parks and gardens and the dewdrops sparkling on the green grass soothe the eyes and the hearts.

The trees provide us with oxygen. It gives energy to our lungs. The morning breeze is unpolluted. Nature looks fresh and fills our hearts with happiness.

A morning walk is the best tonic for the aged and ailing person. It is a permanent cure for many ailments. Brisk walking is a useful and healthful exercise.


Essay No. 03


Morning Walk

Sleep, rest, and exercise are essential for health. Walking is in fact the best form of exercise so a regular morning walk is very useful. It provides exercise to the body and freshness to the mind. A morning walk exercises many parts of the body—legs, arms, waist, and chest. Fresh air goes into the body and improves the working of the lungs. It improves and increases appetite and regulates digestion. As a result, we feel active as well as fresh and fit. It gives new energy to the body for the day’s work.

Walking provides the greatest pleasure to a man, whether you go by yourself or in the company of others. Some people prefer to go alone because they can think calmly and quietly about many serious problems of the day. Mahatma Gandhi was one of them. He walked very fast every morning but he was accompanied by his disciples. They discussed many problems of the day as they walked.

Hikers and tramps are found everywhere in the world. Some go out on long walks for pleasure, some do it for health. Some go out on long walks because they feel bored at home and do not find anything worthwhile to do. In an effort to run away from themselves they first run away from home. In the new surroundings, they find a new interest. They see greener fields and new pastures. During the walk, they make new friends, and sometimes this friendship blooms in business ventures.

The air in the morning is pollution-free. A walk before sunrise has the maximum benefit on our health. Nature is at its best, the dew drops on leaves and blades of grass look like pearls. A walk on the green grass has its own charm. During a walk, one enjoys the beauties of nature and feels quite fresh and healthy. One can study birds and animals and learn from their habits. One can enjoy the beauties of flowers, plants, and trees. Walking in the mountains is an eternal joy. When the sun rises on the snow-capped mountains, it is a rare phenomenon to observe and cherish.


Essay No. 04

A Morning Walk


A walk in the morning is good for your health. It is one of the lightest exercises for all age groups and it refreshes one’s mind as well as body. Not everyone is an early riser. I am an early riser. I get up around 5:30 a.m. in the morning to go for a walk with my friends in a large park situated near our colony.

I believe that nature is at its best in the early hours of the morning as the breeze is fresh and it produces sweet music by striking against the leaves. Even dew on the grass shines like pearls.

The park in which I go is well maintained and has a lot of greenery. Flowers of different kinds can be seen here throughout the year.

People from all ages and backgrounds can be seen doing exercises, like running, skipping, or jogging and some can also be seen doing meditation in the calm and fragrant atmosphere of the early morning. Some can be seen taking a light walk with their pets. Some can be seen enjoying the coolness of grass bare feet. Children can also be seen playing games, riding bicycles, or learning martial arts from their instructor.

When the sun appears to go high in the sky people make their way to their homes.

Essay No. 05

A Morning Walk

Wordsworth, the famous romantic English poet, called nature the nurse, the guide, the guardian of my heart; and the soul of all my moral being.’ We can feel it true if we go on a morning walk. Nature is in its most beautiful, majestic, and magnificent form early in the morning. There is a deep calm with a soft musical strain of chirping of the birds. Apart from this calm beauty of nature, we find the soothing fresh air that refreshes our mind and invigorates us to work for the whole day. Morning walk not only gives us good health, but it can also teach us the values of life. Dewdrops shining on the lush green grass, soft flowers smiling out of a sound sleep all these things inspire soft, sensitive human ideas in us. It is a wonderful recreation which we can enjoy without taking the help of any other means. Long empty roads, noiseless atmosphere, and joyous rhythm of footsteps can make the dullest person full of joy and happiness. Thus, it is always good and useful to develop the habit of going on a morning walk daily.

Essay No. 06

A Morning Walk

Early morning is the most beautiful part of the day. It is the time when most of nature’s creations wake up. The birds begin to chirp, the flowers open up to the rays of the sun. The breeze is cool and soothing. There is quiet everywhere. There is no noise of traffic. The grass is still wet with the early morning dew.

It is the time to wake up and go for a morning walk. These walks are very refreshing. They rejuvenate the jaded body. They fill a person with a new resolve to face the day. One is at peace with oneself. The cool breeze and fresh flowers of the park bring hope and happiness to the tired soul. In other words, a morning walk provides us with an opportunity to regain our physical and mental strength.

Morning walk is also a good exercise. A vigorous walk of about a kilometer and a half increases the flow of blood in the body. It activates the supine muscles of the legs. Consequently, various diseases afflicting the motor system of the body do not strike the body. Doctors suggest a fast-paced morning walks to patients of heart and muscles. Regular morning walks improve the appetite and are helpful in creating new blood capillaries. It also sharpens the five sensory faculties of the human body.

A morning walk gives a person a positive frame of mind. It provides fresh insights into various problems of home and office. It is also the only method of contemplating with oneself

In short, a morning walk is a necessity in the rapidly moving life of this century.

Essay No. 07

Morning Walk

A morning walk helps the person to remain healthy and active. It is a light exercise with no expertise needed. It is good for both the young and the old people. It refreshes our minds and makes us fit. We must regularly go for a morning walk.

get up at five o’clock in the morning and go out for a walk regularly. My friend Rima also goes with me. We often go to the park near our house. The morning time is very pleasant. We get immense pleasure seeing the picturesque beauty on the way. The fresh air gives us a good amount of energy. We take a stroll on the green grassy lawns. It is wonderful to see the dewdrops on the green grass which give an appearance of pearls. The chirping of birds makes our hearts cool. Their songs add to the beauty of nature. The fresh air from the surrounding areas is spellbinding. The waves of the running water in the middle of the park give a fantastic view.

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