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Essay on “Violence on the increase ” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Violence on the increase

Essay No. 01

Introduction : Human civilization has come a long way from the Stone Age. Yet man continues to be violent in his conduct. In fact  , violence has increased today. A man cannot walk on the street without looking over his shoulder because of fear of assault. Top leaders of the nation, as well as retired military generals , are assassinated in broad daylight. The roads are spilled with human blood. Firearms , bombs , swords , are frequently flourished and used.

          What is violence: violence signifies injuries (of many kinds and degrees) caused to a person (or any living thing ) by another persons with manifest motives.

          Forms of violence: Physical , mental, social, economic, etc. It may range superficial bruises to outright destruction.

Today violence on the increase: present the violent situation today with one or two relevant examples.

Why the increase? Rise of materialism, erosion of general morality and norms of society, breakdown of institution , political shortsightedness, religious fundament alism , communalism, casteism, terrorism, scientific and technological advancement , etc.

Impact: insecurity of the life and uncertain future of individual; society and nation lose their strength; peace of mind and joy lost, love and harmony between any two individuals (even between mother and her child) replaced by suspicion and hatred, i.e. , social relation imperiled….etc.

Conclusion:  violence has existed in every society and in every civilization, at a normal rate which, in a sense, fills the society with virility. But, today the increasing violence has taken a pathological from….strangely, man has today become his own enemy by unleashing the animal in him. If the brute in man is not chained, and if the violence is not checked, man may altogether himself…. If mankind has to survive violence will have to be minimised. A spirit of friendly co –existence will have to be made the norm of human behaviour.


Essay No. 02


Violence on the Increase

Although  civilization  has  progressed,  one  sees  violence  in  all walks  of  life.  Today  a  man  can’t  walk  on  a  street  without  looking over  his  shoulder  because  of  fear  of  assault.  The spurt in violence has led to a feeling of insecurity.  There  are  several factors  which  have  led  to  this  state  of  affairs.  Rise  of materialism,  religious  fundamentalism,  communalism, castes— all  have  become  a  flashpoint  for  spewing haired  If  mankind has  to  survive  violence  must  be  eliminated.  An  atmosphere  of peaceful  co-existence  and  mutual  understanding  will  have  to  be created

Human  civilization  has  come  a  long  way  from  the  stone  age.  Yet man continues to be violent in his conduct.  In fact, society has become most violent today.  A  man  cannot  walk  on  the  street  without  looking  over  his shoulder  because  of  fear  of  assault.  Top  leaders  of  the  nat.ons   are assassinated  in  broad  daylight  and  the  murderers  get  away  with  the  Crime and  brutality  Sanity  is  a  rare  virtue in today’s  helter  smelter  world.

It is really.  tragic  that  just  about  anything  becomes  a  flashpoint  for  spewing haired.  Ordinary citizens become the victims of the gun and the bomb.

There  are  several  factors  which  have  led  to  this  state  of  madness  and confusion.  Rise  of  materialism,  religious  fundamentalism,  communalism, castes, terrorism—all  have  let  loose  a  reign  of  terror  and  hatred.  The world is enveloped by a pall of violence.  It  is  evident  that  man  has  not learnt  any  lesson  from  the  two  world  wars  which  brought  about  untold destruction  of  men  and  property.  Hiroshima  and  Nagasaki  still  remind  man of  the  damage  that  was caused  by  violence,  war,  hatred.  Having  suffered so  much,  it  was  expected  that  man will  have  learnt  his  lesson  from history and  in future will  rely,  on  peaceful  means  of resolving  issues.  But alas! Violence is on the   increase.  In fact, force and violence reign triumphant in every continent today.

Israel-Arab  war  continued  for  years  and  resulted  in  death  of  thousands  of n,  women  and  children.  Hostilities between Iran-lraq, India-Pakistan, Afghanistan-Pakistan, are going on for decades.  Iraq-Kuwait conflict and ethnic wars in countries like Sri Lanka—all.  bear  testimony  to  the  fact  that hand  has  become  intolerant  of  fellow  human  beings.  He has become self-centered callous and materialistic.  The  growth  of  the  spirit  of  violence  is  a notable  factor  of  the  post  war  years  almost  all  over  the  world.

 India  where  the  gospel  of  non-violence  was  preached  by  sages  and aunts  down  to  the Wet  Mahatma  Gandhi,  violence  has  been  on  the increase.  Late Mrs.  Indira  Gandhi’s  and  later  of  Rajiv  Gandhi’s  assassination broad  daylight  has  brought  to  light  the  hatred  of  one  against  another, corruption  in  politics  and  lack  of  credibility  of  those  in  power.  Nobel laureate and Israelis Prime   Minister Mr. Yitzhak Rabin who brought peace Palestine, was gunned, down on November 5, 1995. This  has  proved that  winning peace  is  more  difficult  than  winning  a  war.  Communal  violence has  spread  to  areas  that  .were  earlier  free  from  it.  Even  routine  religious celebrations  that  used  to Pass  off  peacefully  leave  dozens  of  people  injured and  dead  despite  police  bandobast.

Millions  of  people  in  India  have accepted  violence  as  a  routine  affair  in  a spirit  of  resignation.  There is violence in people’s hearts.  it  finds  expression ,whenever  tempers  get  frayed  at  the  slightest provocation.  Students indulge violence for the most trivial reasons.  Brides are burnt by in laws for not satisfying their greed.  Politicians hire gonads to create disturbances in towns for their own ends.  One witnesses violence in all spheres of life. Violence  in  Bombay  alter  demolition  of  Babri  Masjid  was  spearheaded  by the politicians of the two communities.

Increasing materialism has made men selfish it has also made time insensitive to human emotions of pity, compassion, generosity, and affection. Nations want to expand their territory and influence. Men want to prosper materially at any cost. A rat race for material success is afoot, in which human beings are ruthlessly trampled underfoot by their fellow runners. Cutthroat competition is being practiced in order to amass wealth. Exploitation of the worst kind is being perpetrated by man on man, simply because a group of men wishes to become richer. In this materialistic atmosphere, humaneness and human emotions are at a discount, whereas rationalism is the order of the day. Rationalism does not admit officer human virtues as they obstruct the materialistic progress. Rationalism has brought about ruthlessness of the worst kind.

Lust for power is another factor that has increased violence. The two Super powers vied for long with each other to augment their fire-power and their areas of influence. They wanted to spread their respective ideologies, viz.  Capitalism and Communism. They  divided  the  world  .into two  blocs,  and  indulged  in  wars  by  proxy,  involving  other  nations. Occasionally,  they  also  resorted  to  direct  violent  actions  in  some  of  the under-developed  countries  with  a  view  to  establishing  a  puppet  government their  Hitler  was  a  power  maniac,  but  the  present-day  rulers  in  the  two super  power  countries  were  not  less  power-hungry.  They would do anything to increase their Spheres of power.  One of these powers, USSR disintegrated in 1991.

With  the  scientific  and  technological  advancement,  mankind  has  come  to, possess  newer  and  more  destructive  weapons.  Nuclear energy, being diverted  to  destructive  channels,  has  increased  the  fire-power  of  the  countries, manifold.  It is  a  common  psychological  fact  that  the  possession  of  weapons makes  individuals  and  nations  haughty  and  aggressive.  The  consciousness; of  being  in  possession  of  deadly  weapons  makes  countries  prone”  to  taking-, violent  action  in  the  event of  a  difference  of  opinion.  Wherever  there  are, human  beings,  -there  are  bound  to  be  bones  of:  contention.  However,  if  the contending  parties  rely  more  on  weapons  which  they  have  come  to  possess there  is  bound  to  be  more  violence.

Rise of communalism, religious fundamentalism have made people intolerant, narrow-minded and inhuman.  The  reaction  of  Muslims  to  Selman Rushdie’s  book  the  Satanic Verses  has  brought  to  light  how  communalism is  assuming  international  dimensions.  Closer home, in Punjab thousands of innocent people were.  killed  mercilessly  by self-proclaimed  defenders  of  the  religious  sentiments  of  a  particular  community.  A  place,  where  at  one time Hindu-Sikh  lived  in  amity,  they  dared  not,  trust  each  other  or  talk  to each  other  for  fear  of  ostracism  by  their  community

To  kill  in  the name  of  religion  is  only  an expression  of  lack of understanding  of  what  religion  stands  for.

All  philosophers, religious  preachers,  and scriptures  have  emphasized that different  religions  are  only different means  of  achieving  the  same goal, i.e. union  with God.

All human beings are embodiments of God Indeed, all creatures.  Are manifestations of God.  If we respect and love god, we should also love his creations. If  this  philosophy  and  outlook  in  life  is  adopted,  then  violence, will  automatically  be  eliminated from world.  World peace will then become a reality.  And a  man  can  lead  secure  and peaceful  life  But in today’s  World  religion  is  regarded  as  the  opium  of  the  masses  and a hindrance  to  scientific  progress. Spirituality is left to be practiced only by saints and the recluse.

It may sound rather strange, but it is a fact that today man is his own greatest enemy. By unleashing the animal in him, man has become self-destructive. If the brute in man is not chained, and if violence is not checked, man may altogether eliminate himself from the face of the planet earth.

If mankind is to survive, violence will have to be discarded. A spirit of friendly co-existence will have to be made the norm of human behavior.


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