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Essay on “The Happiest Day of My Life” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay on ‘The happiest day of my life’

5 Best Essays on “The Happiest Day of My Life”

Essay No. 01

Fifth June was the happiest day of my life. On this day class X CBSE examination result was declared. I had worked hard for the examination but never expected to top the list of meritorious candidates. I had doubts about securing a good mark on my social studies paper. I wasn’t very optimistic about the result. To my utter surprise, I topped the list of successful candidates.

This was the happiest day of my life. My friends and classmates congratulated me. I was congratulated by the Principal and teachers of my school. I had become the most important person on that day. My parents were proud of me. They embraced me with great love and affection with tears in their eyes. They were weeping out of joy. I felt highly honored by all my near and dear ones. I felt that it was the result of the proper guidance from my teachers, parents, and elders.

Next, I got several offers from different institutions and training courses. It was difficult for me which one to select for my future career.

Then I had a windfall. I bought a lottery ticket for a rupee. I received a telegram. I won the first prize of rupees one lakh. All the members of my family felt overjoyed at the news as I could take up the course of my choice without any burden on my parents.

In the evening we all went to Hanuman Mandir with sweets. We came back home and distributed the prasad among our neighbors. They all blessed me with a bright future. This was the happiest day of my life. I was overjoyed. My parents thanked God for his kind blessings which turned a new page in my life. This day will always remain fresh as long as I am alive.

The Happiest Day of My Life

Essay No. 02

Life is full of happy days and sad days, the latter being more common in life. A happy day is that day when everything seems to go well with life and loved ones, though these happy days are also different from each other due to the degree of happiness they impart.

The happiest day of my life is the day when my elder brother graduated from the IIT, Delhi. One would wonder why and how should that event make me so very happy, that, I earmark it as the happiest day of my life. Yes, I call this day the happiest day of my life up to now as, that day gave me a lot physically, mentally, and even financially. My elder brother is ten years senior to me and, I was still in the Seventh Standard last year when my brother passed out of the HT, Delhi, completing his graduation in Engineering. His result was announced in May. It was the 17th of May I remember, as, it was also the first day of my summer vacations. I was all set and relaxed for the long summer vacation when this happiest day came.

My brother came home at about 11 am and informed Mummy about his result. The news was hardly breathed out to Mummy that, the house forthwith reverberated with sounds and feelings of happiness. Mummy at once gave a ring to Daddy in his office giving him the news and, lo and behold believe me the telephone bell rang, rang and rang, all full of congratulations for us. I had never seen such enthusiasm in our home, and so many good wishes and congratulations pouring in. I felt that the whole house and I were at once placed on a high pedestal, and as if we were all on top of the world. It appeared to me as if the whole world or at least the entire society was in search of my brother. Within an hour or two, there was as if a stream of relatives and friends pouring in to wish us, my parents and my brother. For the first time, I now learned that there was so much enthusiasm in our family circle, and, all this because for the last three generations, the family had not produced a single engineer, and my brother was the first, even in our own generation. A family of businessmen was all too glad to see an engineer in the family and that was the net cause of the entire furor in the house. Oh! What a sight it was when my uncles, both paternal and maternal, and cousins came and just lifted my brother in their arms as if he was a child. They cajoled him and blessed him. I had really never seen so much joy compressed into one single day. This day was so full of happiness, friends, relatives, and a continuous tune of congratulations on and on. Oh! What a lot of fun and happiness dropped as manna on this single day from the God Almighty.

One would wonder why I call it the happiest day of my life. This I so because, for one, I never before saw so much joy and happiness in the family as I saw on that day. Besides this, the hope that now, my brother could hope to get a good job, and step into a fine career, gave me also some sort of a morale boost and an inspiration. On that day, I vowed to myself that, now I would always work seriously towards my goal of a satisfactory settlement in life. I started thinking that, if I would work hard, and get success like my brother. I would also give so much happiness to my parents and other family members. It was this day that gave me the befitting encouragement to become an achiever. I now became prepared to do any amount of hard work to be successful Spiritually, I was elated, and started feeling in high spirits realizing that, I could also achieve and make the family proud of me.

As for my financial gain, that day, my brother gave me Rs.500/as a gift from his own pocket money. So, in all respects, that day was the happiest day of my life up to now. I now only pray to God that such happy days Come more often and give more happiness to all. It is such lays that give happiness and progress both in one stroke. That memorable day will always remain in my mind, no matter how many happy and even happier days I get to see later in life. This day will always be a unique day for me as; this was the first day in my life when I saw so much pleasure in one go.

Essay No. 03

The Happiest Day in My Life

Life is full of sorrows. None is happy in the world. But there are always moments of joy and sorrow in the lives of men. One should not get puffed up when one gets something. The moments of joy and sorrow should not change him much. But happiness is a rare thing in his world, which is full of sorrow.

The 19th of November, 1980 was the happiest day of my life. When I got a lottery award of Rs. 100,000. It was a rare occasion. Very few people can get an award. But I was fortunate enough to win a prize. It was the third prize offered against a lottery ticket purchased by me pertaining to the Bengal Lotteries.

I had been waiting anxiously for the result and fortune favored me. My parents are very poor. My father is working in a bookshop. He does not earn much to support the family. He earns only Rs. 1500 a month and this money cannot keep our family needs satisfied.

My father came to me and he broke this good news to me. My mother came along with sweets and she offered me, sweets. I enjoyed these sweets very much. My father took me along and got the money on that day. Now our problems were solved. Father left the service and he started his own business with that money and now he earns a lot of money and we are very happy.

That day proved out to be the turning point in the life of us all. My sisters are studying. They need money, but the father is providing everything to us all.

Again the 19th of November was the day when my younger sister was born. We were preparing for celebrating that day too. All of us assembled there along with the guests. At night the birthday festivities were held. My mummy had invited a large number of her own relatives and so had my father (done). At night, when the cake was cut to pieces, there was much rejoicing at home. My mummy decided to take me to the stage where a song was to be sung by me. Not only did I obey her but also showed my talent for singing. I was then 17 years of age.

Though more than ten years have passed since I got the lottery prize, yet I find that day to be the happiest day of my life. I was still a young girl who knew nothing except playing in the playground. I did not know much of the world by then. My parents had purchased a lottery ticket in my name. My luck favored me. As a result, my family got the third prize.

God helped us to face the difficulties calmly. He solved our economic problems. The day was fixed for that purpose and we, in this way, saw the change of fortune.

Should I not call it the happiest day of my life? If not, what should I term it then?

We have such time only once in a blue moon when the goddess of Fortune knocks at our door. We should never miss that golden opportunity. That may be the time of better change in our lives.

Essay No. 04

The Happiest Day of My Life

We are thrown into this world without any rhyme or reason—A French philosopher Sartre based the whole philosophy of existentialism on this thought. People have always been probing into the query why we are in this world which is so full of the weariness, the fever, the fret’. But for me, it has been so good to be in this world that I consider 2nd August 1967, my birthday, the happiest day of my life. On this day with the waking yawn of the dawn, I moaned and signaled my arrival in this world. Of course, like many other babies, I was not happy to leave my mother’s protective womb. So I cried a lot. But thereafter I have always been a jolly-natured creature. It’s not that life has been easy for me. No. Everyone has to fight his way out, in the fray of ‘the survival of the fittest. I have been too. But I like taking up challenges. Life’s battles have always been a pleasure for me. Besides challenges, there is so much beauty, so much love and warmth that I am really thankful to that Almighty power, who made my existence possible in this world. I hold my mother in deep regard since it was she who introduced my little entity into this universe. My birth has been the most wonderful thing both for my parents and myself. I want to enjoy this gift of life to the lees.


Essay No. 05

The Happiest Day of My Life

Not every day is a memorable one in a lifetime of an individual. Some days become special by the virtue of the events of the day,

One such day was the first of April. It was the happiest day of my life. The events of that day filled my heart with joy. The memory of that day is ever fresh in my mind. It seems as if all this happened only yesterday.

I had just finished my annual examinations. I had worked hard. My parents and teachers had high expectations from me. I, however, felt that I had not done the social studies paper very well. I was not very optimistic about the result. Though others looked forward to my result, yet the thought of it made me nervous. The results were declared that day. To my surprise, I topped the list of successful candidates of my district.

Everyone congratulated me. I was the most important person on that day. My headmaster and teachers were beside themselves with joy. My parents were proud of me. My headmaster came in person to congratulate me. I felt highly honored. Although it did not make me feel very proud, because I felt that it was a result of the correct guidance of my teachers and elders.

That afternoon I had a windfall. I had written an essay in the local Environmental Essay Contest some time back. In the heat of the examinations, I had forgotten all about it. In the afternoon I received a telegram stating that my essay was adjudged the best among all the participants. I had won Rs. 10, 000/-, which was the award for the best essay. My father was very happy because I could now fund my own education.

In the evening while we were preparing for bed, we received another telegram. It was from my elder brother. He had written to inform us that he had been chosen for the Indian Administrative Services. Our joys knew no bounds. My parents thanked God for His kindness and blessings.

People usually consider the first of April as all Fool’s day, but for me, it was a day when destiny had smiled on our family.


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