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Essay on “Science and Our Health” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Science and Health

Essay No. 01

Science is both a blessing and a curse for mankind. On one hand, it has caused countless deaths by the way of atom bombs, chemical weapons, weapon systems, and germ warfare. On the other, it has saved many more lives with the development of miracle medicines, machines and revolutionary processes.

The contribution of science to the health care systems of the world should be viewed in the backdrop of the dark ages. The Dark Age was a name given to that period in human history when many innocent lives were lost due to superstition, witch-craft, unsanitary living conditions, infections, epidemics, bad transport facilities, and lack of medically trained personals

The scientists in those periods had to face stiff resistance from the people and the clergy in order to spread their vast scientific knowledge and inventions. It took many hundred years before the people accepted new advancements and became receptive to revolutionary medical practices.

The invention of various vaccines for diseases like cholera, smallpox, hydrophobia, etc. helped in saving many children from dying or becoming cripple. The great discoveries however of all times were the discovery of penicillin by Dr. Fleming. Antibiotics brought a revolution in health care.

The advancements made in the surgical sciences were also had stunning effects. Doctors were able to cut open a human organ in order to remove the diseased portion. Progress in surgery was so remarkable that within the span of thirty years doctors were able to replace a man’s heart, kidneys, or even a finger or a toe. The cure of broken bones had become a routine process. X-rays, ECG machines, Ultrasonography, CAT scans, and many other such machines helped the doctors in diagnosing the disorder. The world of medicine is now rapidly moving towards microscopic, laser, and nonintrusive surgery. Such operations require the patients to remain in the hospital only for a very short duration. Such operations require very less amount of blood transfusions and are not painful

It can thus be said in conclusion that science has made life more congenial for man. It has considerably removed the threat of diseases from our lives and brought mental peace.


Essay No. 02

Science and Our Health

Progress in science and food technology has really made man’s life easy and comfortable. It is heartening to note that we have now an increased life expectancy. This is because of tremendous progress in medical science. Continuous use of drugs has some side effects. We have increased life expectancy but man is not at peace with himself. The quality of life has virtually gone downwards. What we need is contentment but this is simply difficult if not impossible in the present time and circumstances. Living under stress, tension, pressure, worries and other related concerns has made life worse than hell every sensible man is suffering. The moment one enters the domain of life when one has started thinking, one is never free from  the stress. Excess of it results into nervous breakdown. Medical sciences have thought about it and new pills and therapies are on the way to fight against these modern ills, called psychotropic diseases. Insomnia, mental disorders suicides  with  mad race of life are the new ‘diseases’ that are rising increasingly . we cannot forget the side effects of the wonder medicines.

All know that the female anopheles causes malaria. To fight this deadly mosquito, certain coils are used as repellents. But these have their own side- effects while burning these emit carbon monoxide tar. Continuous exposure to it causes lung diseases and nervous disorders. Other complications may also develop later. Mosquitoes are also killed by spraying household insecticides. Those insecticides are essentially poisons. Exposure to them causes headaches, dizziness, and skin reaction. In addition to these coils and insecticides, aerosols are used to kill mosquitoes. These are again not without side- effects. These cause headache, nausea, vomiting and blindness. The best and safe remedy is to stop mosquitoes from breeding by draining away the collected water. Secondly, the doors and windows should be covered with mesh screens.

When people are thirsty, they slake their thirst by taking the sharbat or popular fruit juices. They think that it will make them feel cooler as well. But they do not that the sweet mosambi juice or grey–green sugarcane juice is simply a medium of contracting dysentery, typhoid, or jaundice. The press juicing the ‘mosambi’ is unclean and fly – exposed. The sugarcane sticks have been kept floating overnight in dirty water in order to increase their yield. This certainly causes different diseases.

Some people particularly the school children like the ice cream wallahs selling ice- lollies near the school campus because they are unable to buy a popular brand of ice – creams because of ice- creams because of cost. These ice-creams are made in ill –refrigerated places out of dirty ice, skimmed milk powder, flour, and harmful coloring. So these cause cancer, brain tumors, and damage to the liver. In summer, some cheaters make their own drinks into the  bottles of result these cause typhoid and dysentery. The best way and the safest way is to avoid such drinks or ice – creams or juice from the roadside. Vendors. One must drink only safe and recognized brands. The safest is to carry plain water from home.

Modern living has made the Indians weak,  unhealthy, and disease-prone. Today’s life is full of stress, tension, pressures, and worries. These being right from the stage of child admission in  school. The atmosphere of competition, hurried life, the uncertainty of future prospects, doubts about success, possibilities of failure, etc cause stress on the human mind.     

What we eat and how we live are major factors for making us weak and diseases prone. Adulteration, impurities of food articles, irregularity in taking food, wrong habits really make us weak and disease-prone. Air, water, and sound pollution is a quick road to diseases. We must have walk in nature and breathe in clean and fresh air for our health.


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