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Essay on “Wonders of Electricity” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Wonders of Electricity


A Role Of Electricity

Essay No. 01


Electricity has brought a revolution in the life of Man. It is really a boon to mankind. We cannot imagine life  without electricity these days. Electricity has made our domestic life sweet and comfortable. This energy has been used for human happiness and comforts in different ways.

The wonders of electricity can be seen on all sides. Chief among them is electric light and fans. All comforts and luxuries of our life are owing to these two things. The use of electricity is growing day by day. Every house feels the absence of electricity. Electric light keeps our hoses, shops, roads, streets and other places illuminated. Its use has added to the beauty of towns and cities. Electric fans help us in the fight against heat and cold. In summer the work in the office is done with the help of electric   fans. In winter our rooms are kept warm by electric heaters. Rooms are kept clean by the help of electric cleaners. We wash our clothes in washing machine. We use cooler in summer. Lift always reminds the importance of electricity.

The next boon of electricity is the invention of electric tramways and railways. They are the quick means of travelling electric trains are far better than the trains driven by steam engine. In the field of industry, the service of electricity is indispensable. Mills and factories cannot work without the electricity. Our necessities of life like cloth, sugar, paper and thousand other things are the products of machines which are run by electricity.   

Electricity is a good means of communication. It sends messages easily between two countries. As a result of the telegraph, we have telegrams and cablegrams which are very useful to the modern world. Telegrams carry messages on land while cablegrams do the same work on seas. Telephone messages control serious riots and save the happening of accidents and disasters.

All the scientific discoveries and  inventions owe to the use of electricity. If there had been no electricity, no  scientific progress would have been possible. Electricity is also used for defence purposes. By the help of Radar, Mine Liner, Mine Sweeper we can protect and defend our country against enemy. Electric – barbed wires are also used in defence.

Electricity has done a lot in the treatment of  human diseases. It is due to electricity that new discoveries and inventions have been made in the field of medicine. It cures many diseases. It has been found useful in the treatment of Cancer. X- Ray is a boon of Science. It helps in finding out internal diseases and fracture of bone. Thus we see that electricity plays an important role in the restoration of health . even proper light is necessary for operation in theatre. 

Electricity has proved itself of great use in our industrial development. It turns huge and heavy machines in mills and factories. Big canals and wells can be dug with the help of electricity. We can use the tube wells for irrigation purposes.  Electric tools can make bridges and can change the course of rivers. Television, radio and cinema are the  wonderful contributions of Electricity. Through radio we can hear songs, stories, dialogues, speeches and the current happenings in the  world. Cinema has become the cheapest means of recreation. Photography has also played an important role to make our world beautiful.

In domestic life electricity is a boon. It does many of our small works like an obedient servant. It keeps our houses lighted at all times. It cooks our food, boils our milk and water,  washes and irons clothes, sweeps, cools or heats our rooms and does various other jobs. Electric fans give us fresh and cool air. Thus done a great service to mankind.  Modern civilization is incomplete in its absence.

Electricity is the pivot of modern civilization. Without it life will be deprived  of modern charms.


Essay No. 02



Electricity is one of the most important discoveries of science in the modem age. Electricity is there in the charged clouds and that is why they thunder so loudly. Probably, man took an idea from the clouds and this helped him in discovering electricity.

Electricity is a blind energy and is thus ruthless in its power, working and effect. Man has, however, found out the means to harness it with the help of insulators which he has discovered through experiments for the purpose.

Today, electricity is produced in several ways, that is, through hydraulic means, through wind power, through the use of coal, through nuclear power and so on. Now, even house waste is being used to generate electricity and energy. Solar energy is a common word these days. Energy comes to us mostly in the form of electricity, though some other shapes and forms may also be there.

In the modem age, we cannot think of life without electricity. Day in and day out, we are always surrounded by objects and machines which work with electricity. Some of these common household objects and devices are the electric bulb, the fluorescent tube, the electric fan,

the desert cooler, the air conditioner, the room heater, the electric microwave oven, the mixer, the juicer, the toaster, the refrigerator, the geyser, etc. Almost all the factories run with electricity. Computer which has changed the face of life on earth is also run with electricity. Even objects such as the mobile phone, etc. which work with the help of satellite use computer for certain purposes such as recording, bill charging, etc. Thus, it is basically electricity which has revolutionized life on earth and other revolutionary things get sustenance from electricity.



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