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Essay on “The Recess Period in a school” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay No. 01

The Recess Period in a school

The recess period in school presents a very lively scene. After the captivity of four periods, the students get a chance of going out of the classroom. Most of the students behave exactly in the same way as prisoners coming out of a prison do their faces beam with joy when they roam about hand in hand on the ground adjoining the school. Some of the younger students go wild with join when the recess bell rings. They begin to thump the desks and shout violently standing in groups on the lawns of the school. They talk about their lessons and the teachers reaching them. Some of them do not like talking about school when they should refresh themselves. That is why I like it. It is situated in an open place. The building is fine with big airy rooms. The school has two large playgrounds, a library, and a laboratory. A hostel is also attached to it. The strength of the students is nearly one thousand. The principal and the teachers are trained and qualified. The weaker of the two is generally cried down. Just then the P.T.I. appears on the scene and he carries them to the Principal’s office where they are punished. Outside the school, there are hawkers selling Chat, Chhole, and Kuliches. There, too, you find students flocking around them.

Essay No. 2

The Recess Period In My School

Recess means a period of relaxation. It comes after four periods of continuous study. So everybody likes it after hard work. The recess period comes usually in the middle of the school hours. Its object is to allow some time to the teachers and the taught to refresh themselves mentally and physically.

Sometimes, before the recess period,. The student feels bored. They become inattentive to the lessons. They no longer follow the teachers. They grow tired of their lessons. They look forward to the recess period. Some of the naughty boys approach the school peon and ask him to ring the bell. All this shows that change is badly needed.       

As soon as the recess bell goes, all the boys shut their books and put them in their bags. They go out. This action of the boys sometimes makes the teacher angry. But they cannot help it. They want to be free for some time. They wish to remain away from the dull atmosphere of the class.

When the students come out of their classrooms, they relax themselves in different ways. The boys of rich families enjoy nice things- sweets, fruit, or mil which their parents send for them. The boys belonging to middle-class families eat some cheap things, which they buy from the hawkers, who reach school by the time of recess period. The poor boys generally bring food and eat it in the classrooms. Some schools have canteens. No hawker is allowed in the campus. We get tea, fruit, and other things in the canteen. Rates are fixed. Seats are neat and clean.

Having satisfied their hunger for recreation boys sit in groups and talk about many things. Sometimes the subject of their talk is some teacher whom they hate. At other times, it is some unpopular boy. At times, however, they talk of politics. The students of lower classes play with balls in the playground. Very often they use their time in laughing and merry-making. Some weak or absent students complete their homework.

As soon as the recess period is over, the happy mood of the students goes away. They become serious again. They run to their classrooms, lest they should be late, because they have their second attendance.

The recess period has become a regular feature in everyday life. These days there is an interval of half an hour in almost all offices. Nearly all the shops in the towns also enjoy lunchtime.

In winter, some institutions have two recesses – one short and the other long. The first break is given after two periods and the second after the fifth period to enjoy the recess period depending on the nature and need of the student. He can go either to the canteen or to the library. The main motto is how to refresh for further study.

Essay No. 3

Recess Period

Freedom is loved by all. Everyone likes to be free. It is, therefore , that the recess period in school is a great welcome to students as well as teachers. After working for four periods they require some rest and relax. The recess period fills them with new energies for the next four periods. It is from the beginning of fourth period, both the students and teachers wait for the recess anxiously. 

As soon as the bell goes, everyone in the school takes a sigh of relief and comfort. The calm and quiet atmosphere of school is broken by student’s shouts  of joy. They rush out of their classes of the school gate or school canteen or to the playground with football or cricket bat in hand. Still some others whose homes are nearby rush to their homes to enjoy the tea. Everywhere in school compound students laugh and talk with one another joyfully either discussing about a teacher or any recent experience. So they all feel relieved from the strict discipline of the classroom.

There is a lot of hustle and bustle in every corner of the school except the classrooms. The library and the reading room is full of students. The canteen is the busiest place. Every student seems to be so hungry that he wants to grapple with anything whatever he is able to catch hold of. There is a heavy rush at the water coolers and the water- taps.

This is also a time for bookworms to revise to revise their lessons again and the sports–loving trying new techniques in their favourite sports. the sports teachers keep busy with the aspirant participants in the competition games and the same is the case with the music lovers who listen to their favourite music in the music room and take special advice from their seniors.

It also a time to make new friends with the juniors and strengthen relations with the old ones and also talk incessantly about the new movies and serials, actors and actresses, new goods and restaurants.

In recess period the teachers also relax. The staff room is overcrowded and full of noise and mingling voices of the teachers. Some of the teachers take the  refreshment in the  form of tea or coffee. While others are engaged in gossiping or discussing politics or a recent cricket match. The teachers too enjoy the recess period like students.

The recess period comes to an end with the ringing of the call bell. All the students run to their classes. Within a few minutes the whole compound is again deserted. The teachers too, go to their respective classes and once again it is all calm and quite in the school.


Essay No. 04


The Recess Period

As in all schools, the recess period in our school is considered a very important period by the students.

Our school starts at 9.00 am. and is off at 3.00 pm. The recess period occurs from 12 noon to 12.40 pm. which means that it is held almost in the middle of the study period.

After almost half the study period is over, the students feel somewhat tired and even bored. They need some respite from hard lessons and also require some entertainment and refreshments.

As soon as the recess bell goes, the students rush out of their classes. Most of them rush towards the canteen. Many of them have Tiffin’s in their hands. The students take tea or some cold drinks and eatables in the canteen.

 It is obvious that then there is a great rush in the canteen. Some students keep sitting in the classrooms in small bunches. They take their home made meals together and have some chit-chat. Some of them, however, have to do their homework for the periods which occur in the afternoon.

 Only a few students go to the library during the recess period. I’m one of such students. A few other students go to play in the playground or just relax on the grassy lawns.

There may be seen a few students going to the school office to pay their fees or get their one or the other problem or complaint solved or redressed.

As soon as the bell declaring the end of the recess period goes, the students hurry to their classes and studies again start in right earnest.

Essay No. 05

Recess Period 

The recess period is a part of the school and college timetable. It is necessary for teachers and students alike. It is a period of rest and relaxation. It provides a much-needed relief after the continuous work of early hours. As soon as the bell of recess period goes, students rush out of their classrooms. Some students run towards the playground and begin to play some game. Others run to the canteen with their lunch-boxes. They take their lunch in this period. Still others go to the staff room to meet-their teachers. They get their difficulties about studies removed. A small number of them keep sitting in the classroom. They start doing their home tasks in this period. They want to finish it so that they may have free time at home. Teachers also spend this period in their own ways. Some take their lunch and discuss important matters regarding education. Others dabble their heads in politics. Still, others are busy in checking notebooks and removing students’ difficulties. When the recess period comes to an end all the students go back to their classes. The teachers also get busy in their classes.

Essay No. 06

The Recess Period


Recess in School

The recess period is awaited eagerly by students and the teachers alike. After four periods of study, it comes.

Students run to taps for water. Some go to the toilets. Some go to the playground while some go to the school library.

Teachers go to the staff room. Some go to the shop. Some go to the playground while some go to the school library. Some take out their lunch boxes and do justice to them. Some students come to their teachers to get their help in solving difficult sums.

Students can be seen standing in groups talking or enjoying jokes. Students in the playground play games such as volleyball, football, or cricket. The recess period is half an hour.

The school PET’S can be seen at the playground watching players playing games. They are there to maintain discipline.

Sometimes some teachers also go to the playground. They play volleyball or sometimes cricket.

After half an hour the recess bell rings and the recess period is over. Students return to their classes fully refreshed for the next four periods to resume teaching work. The re- cess period is enjoyed by everyone in his or her own way.

After recess everyone looks fresh. Teachers go to their classes for roll-call. Then the fifth period begins.




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