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Essay on “On Being Caught Copying” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

On Being Caught Copying

I honestly say that I indulged in copying only once in life and I was caught in my maiden attempt. The case with me was as per the saying: “To meet with mishap at the very outset.”

Nobody believes me when I claim that I had never indulged in  copying before that. It is because perhaps people believe in the dictum:  “Once a liar always a liar”. Truly, I’ve learnt the bitter lesson that if a  person is involved in a misdeed just even once in life, his reputation  and credibility and reliability for the whole life are lost. The poor fellow becomes a symbol of the situation when we say,’ If character is lost, everything is lost’.

Now, I’ll have to relate why and how I copied and how I was caught. Actually, I always believed in hard work, and it was always by dint of hard work that I got good marks in every class. But last year, I  was overtaken by a number of ailments-malaria, cough, cold, influenza,  viral fever and even dengue. The result was that almost the whole of my session was lost in fighting one disease or the other and I could practically get no time to study my books and even my attendance to  the school was irregular.

In such a situation, there were only two courses for me. Either I  should drop for the year or I should adopt some unfair means. Actually,  I preferred the former course, but my friend, Anuj, who is a pastmaster  in all underhand methods and whose advice I unfortunately sought,  advised me to adopt the second method.

Anuj prepared all the short notes for me which, as per his advice,  I put into my socks. As I got the question paper in the examination  hall, I brought out the notes from my socks. Hardly had I copied the  first two sentences, when the invigilator cought me. He reported the  matter to the Superintendent.

An Unfair Means Case (I.TMC) was prepared against me. All my  appeals for mercy were rejected and now I have been debarred from  appearing in any examination of the School Board for three years.

Now I’m repenting. But I’m reminded of the saying: ‘It is no use crying over spilt milk.’


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