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Essay on “On Being Caught in Traffic” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

On Being Caught in Traffic

Yesterday, I was going on the Najafgarh Road in my car. As I reached the Rajouri Garden crossing, I was caught in traffic jam.

Actually, a long procession of workers was going ahead of cars. It was a very long procession and the workers were holding red flags and placards and banners in their hands. They were demanding a raise in wages and were raising slogans against the government.

The procession was moving very slowly. A fleet of cars was following it. At the said crossing, the situation had gone worse. It was because a long procession of vehicles was coming from the other side and was virtually cutting the Najafgarh Road Traffic at cross angles.

A moment came when the processionists halted altogether at one place. The place was changed into a platform for making speeches and lampooning the political leaders.

 All the cars and other vehicles came to a grinding halt. They gave horns and nothing was audible. There was a virtual pandemonium there and one could call the place a bedlam. I got several calls on my mobile phone one after the other, but I could not answer any one of  them. It was because I could not hear the message in the dinning Moreover, all my engagements for the afternoon were over and I was getting late for home.

It was only after about two hours that the traffic jam ended that with the intervention of a couple of police constables. All heaved a sigh of relief and so did I.


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