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Essay on “Travel” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


Many are the uses of travel. We travel for profit, business, experience, change and freshness, for education, adventure and to visit holy places. The urge to travel is in man’s blood. In primitive days man traveled from one place to another in search of food, pasture and agricultural land. Now many lives a settled life in a village, town or a city, but travel he must for one reason or another. Travel gives us pleasure. By travelling we visit new places, people and things. It provides us with a refreshing change from routine life. Travelling for sightseeing, hunting, adventure, etc., is a well known fact.

The world is full of fascinating mountains, rivers, historical mountains, wonderful towers, bridges, palaces, castles, museums and breath-taking scenic spots: These can be seen only by travelling. Millions of people travel every year from one city to another and from one country to another just to have the thrill and excitement of seeing these matchless creations of men and nature. They go to sea-shores to enjoy sun and bathing on the golden sands, they visit hill-stations and they travel long distances to visit friends and near and dear ones. They are really fortunate who have frequent occasions to travel.

Now travelling has become so easy and faster. We have super fast trains, cars, buses, aeroplanes, ships, steamers and space-crafts. Because of these very fast means of travel, the world has become smaller and more united. Now that day is not far when one would travel from the earth to some other planet. He has already left his foot-prints on the moon more than one time. Travelling fascinates man because it is full of adventure, experience, change and variety. Travelling provides us a lot of fun, practical know’ ledge and experience about men, places, and things. It broadens our mental attitude and enriches our heart. It is only by travelling that we can know better our state, country and the world. Travelling is a very good means of national integration, harmony and understanding.

Many people travel to satisfy their religious urges. The pilgrim places are generally at distant but beautiful places where one can feel peace of mind, rest, harmony and a sense of upliftment and sublimation. Our centres of pilgrimage are on the banks of rivers, their confluences, sea-shores, in the mountains, rich and beautiful forests, etc. These places by their nature have a very ennobling and elevating effect on the visitors.

It has been rightly said that home-keeping youth has ever homely wits. Those who travel frequently and widely enjoy a much more respect than others because of their rich and varied experiences of life and people and resourcefulness. A traveler faces many difficulties. Thereby he becomes more intelligent, bold, adventurous and resourceful. By coming across a variety of people, races, languages, cultures, climates, customs, etc., he is filled with great delight to know how diverse and varied is humanity, and yet how men are the same everywhere. It generates a deep sense of fellow-feeling and unity in diversity. This feeling of unity can be further seen in certain universal values which are common to all men and women. Nothing can emphasize so well the similarities and oneness of mankind as does the travelling. Travelling enlightens us in no small’ measure. It makes us a citizen of the world in a true sense of the word. Some are born travelers. They travel for its own sake. For them travelling is both a means and an end in itself. They believe, “To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive, and the true success is to labour “. Francis Bacon, a sixteenth century writer and philosopher while writing on ‘Of Travel’ says, “Travel, in the younger sort, is part of education; in the elder, a part of experience. He that traveled the in to a country before he hath some entrance into the language, get to school and not to travel.” In the last part of this quotation, Bacon has emphasised very artistically the need of knowing, the language of the foreign land you are travelling in. Thus, besides a fore mentioned advantages, travelling provides an opportunity to learn other languages than ones own.

Travel has always been considered as an integral part of education. A visit to educational institutions, universities and centres of high learning is a very fruitful exercise. By visiting factories, scientific establishments, etc., we can better learn the application of science in our life. By undertaking educational trips to various places of interest, we can best under-stand geography, history, sociology, etc. Travel opens new avenues of knowledge, learning and pleasure for us. They help us in understanding the book of Nature. Travel promotes enquiry, investigation, research, exploration and adventure. By travelling to foreign lands we can become a better patriot and lover of our own country. In the words of William Wordsworth

I travelled among unknown men

In lands beyond the sea;

Nor, England! did I know till then

What love bore to thee?

Everybody knows how refreshing is a visit to a hill-station or a resort at sea-shore. Travel generates insight and wisdom which is not possible by reading books only. Travelling supplements reading and study in such a way as nothing other can do. The practical utility of travelling is quite significant. There are many people who become famous only because they were great travelers, explorers and adventure seekers. For example, Hiun Tsang was a famous Chinese traveler who visited India during 629 to 644 A.D. He came here to study Buddhism and to visit Buddhist holy places. He has given a very interesting and factual account of the Indian people, places, and things of those days. Iben Batuta, Fa-Hien, Bernier, etc., have been other great travelers who visited India and enriched history by their writings. Marco Polo was another such traveler. Travel gives a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.


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