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Essay on “My Choice of Profession” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

My Choice of Profession

Essay No. 01

Life without an aim is like a ship without a rudder. Those who aim at nothing achieve nothing. A profession depends upon the ability and nature of a person. So aim of life differs from man to man. Some people aim at wealth, some at power and some at fame. According to his wish. Man has to choose a profession or has to prepare for himself for that desired profession. We should choose the profession for which we are fit. If we do not do so, we are sure to fail or to find the aim with  great difficulty.

The question of choosing a profession is very difficult. It is a question of bread and butter. So we should not choose a profession in hurry. We should take the advice of others. We should see whether we can do it well. we should have a taste for it moreover, we should be physically fit for it. These are the tests of choosing a profession.

The members of my family are in different professions everybody wants me in his own line. But I do not want so. A lawyer is always a liar. He forces his clients to tell lies. He pleads what is wrong. I do not want to be an engineer because his life is dull. He is defamed for taking bribe. I also have no liking for a business man. He is always busy in money  matters. He believes in cheating his  customers. He has a great lust for money.

There are two profession which are liked by me. These are – a teacher or a doctor.  It is very difficult to decide which one is better. I have to think over to decide my aim- either a teacher or a doctor.

The doctor’s profession and the teacher’s profession are very noble professions in the world. As a matter of fact , no profession is good or bad in itself. It is the man who makes it bad or good. both the doctor and the teacher are useful to the society. We cannot say that one is more useful than the other. Both have their own works to do in the society. Both have their own importance in their own ways. One cannot do the work of the other., the country is indebted to both of them. So it is very difficult to say definitely as who is more useful to a country.

First of all we examine the  points which can be given in favour of the doctor. Those, who are on the side of the doctor, are of the opinion that he is most useful to society. He gives like to the dying man. He gives healthy to the sick and weak. He cures our diseases. He is just like a god on earth for a patient. A teacher cannot cure a disease in the absence of a doctor. A doctor is necessary when we fall ill. He is not required every time. But at the same time cannot say that he  is not a useful member of the society.  

A doctor cannot be compared with a teacher. He is the silent builder of the nation. He also builds a healthy society. It is the teacher who makes a doctor, never a doctor has made a teacher. Who makes a doctor, never a doctor has made a teacher. The students are the future hopes of a country. A teacher builds up their minds. He makes them able to shoulder their future hope of a nation. The importance of a teacher in the society cannot be minimized. He does much more an quite important things. All the great persons are indebted for their greatness to their teachers. Great poets like Kabir Das, Sur, Tulsi and Mira have approved of the greatness of the teacher. They became famous poets because they had faith and confidence in their teachers. It is  only a teacher who removes the darkness  and gives the light of knowledge. A teacher develops all the faculties of the student. It is impossible for a student to develop mentally,, physically and spiritually without the teacher. A doctor can only make you physically fit. He can never help you without fee. But a teacher will gladly help you without any selfish motive.

Thus there are many reasons for my choice. I am a very good student. I always stand first in my class. I am healthy and a good player. My body is strong for hard work. I can work like at teacher – a continuous labour for day and night . a teacher leads a noble life. he is the builder of the nation. A mother gives birth but a teacher gives worth. He plays an important role in shaping the habits , character and destiny of students.

He is not mad  after money. He leads a contented life. he believes in simple living and high thinking. The future of a country depends upon good education. Good education cannot be given if the teacher is not qualified in all sense – physically, mentally, spiritually and psychologically. I am trying my best to be a worthy teacher of my choice.


Essay No. 02        


Choosing a Profession

Our world is more sophisticated and varied; more challenging and promising than ever before. The way we live in it now has also changed as a result. As our lifestyles have changed, so have the number of professions increased. Matching this increase in the number of professions is the difficulty in choosing those suitable to us.

In the past, when societies were small and simple, the question of choosing a profession rarely arose. People chose their professions in accordance with their family status, and the traditions of the communities into which they were born. They merely followed in the footsteps of their parents; helping their parents in traditional occupations. They learnt the skills their parents taught them, and practiced their parents occupations. Thus, a cobbler’s son became a cobbler, a trader’s son a trader, and a landlord’s son inherited his father’s wealth. The simple lifestyles of the people limited the number of their professions.

Later, as societies developed, lifestyles became more varied. With industrialization, large numbers of people were required to work in mass-production factories, which created new professions in automation and management. But like those in the past, modern professions also involve acquiring skills by practical training which usually follows a period of comprehensive, basic education. Such training, along with talent and experience, continues to determine proficiency in professions.

However, the attributes necessary to succeed in modern professions vary from those required in the past. While hard work, sincerity and expertise were enough to ensure success earlier, factors like team spirit, coordination and the ability to inspire subordinates or to motivate colleagues are additionally required in the case of modern professions. In modern work places, since procedures are complicated, workers cannot do everything expected of them individually. They work as a team, the members of which have the responsibility to coordinate their activities and to cooperate with one another. Success in such cases, is more the result of team work than of individual efficiency.

The team leader has the added responsibility of inspiring the team members to produce quality work. By being quality workers themselves, the leaders can motivate their team members better. This shift in importance, from individual excellence to collective effort, is a feature of most modern professions; a fact-which should be borne in mind while choosing one’s profession.

Though choice of one’s profession is a crucial exercise in one’s life, rarely is it given its due importance. We still choose professions on the basis of our performance either in school or in the university. This tendency is both unwise and insufficient, because aptitude or liking for a profession can hardly be related to the marks obtained in qualifying examinations. Good knowledge of mathematics is not a sufficient indication to train as an engineer. The ability to imagine, conceptualize and innovate are more important for an engineer than to solve complex problems in mathematics. Qualities like creativity and resourcefulness, and a practical outlook, are as important for an engineer as skill or intelligence. Similarly, a person opting for a career in medicine should have a flair for dealing cordially and compassionately with people, more than a satisfactory knowledge of biology. Lawyers, who know all the laws thoroughly, may not be successful if they do not have the sharpness and alacrity to counter arguments. Likewise, teachers’ success in their professions depends more on gaining the respect and confidence of their students, than on their proficiency in the subjects that they teach.

It is, therefore, clear that talent, interest and other related attributes necessary to succeed in a profession are more important while choosing one’s profession than academic qualifications. The key to the successful choice of one’s profession is in the assessment of one’s capabilities. However, it should be noted that talents do not always relate to definite professions. Talents are often vague in nature and general in distribution; they can be developed only by interest and practice. The need is, therefore, to develop interest in a profession before deciding to practice it.

Choosing a profession is a very important exercise, because it decides what our future will be. The choice should be based purely on the merit of a profession and our interest in it. No useful profession should be considered as exalted or despicable in relation to the others, because professions can never be true indicators of a person’s dignity or character.


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