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Essay on “If I Were an Apple” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If I Were an Apple


An apple is such a beautiful looking fruit, and it is also one of a great nutritious value. It’s an old adage I’ve often heard ’an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. The very thought of being so useful to man makes me wonder as to what would happen if i were to be an apple.

The qualities of an apple really make me wish that I too were an apple, with all the sterling advantages of me as a food. If I were an apple, I would be hanging high above ground level and getting the feel of being high and mighty. I would be swinging in fresh air, instead of being cramped on the ground with fellow humans or rather, like fellow human beings. My life would be carefree, as if on top of the world, free of all cares and troubles of men on earth. I would, in my young days bloom with my fellow apples, look beautiful and attractive. All the men walking on the ground just below me would look up at the glory of me and my colleagues hanging from a multitude of branches, and sure enough all would praise me and my friends for our immaculate beauty. They would also remember God and say that, we were a fine gift of God to them. Hearing all this praise for us, at least I would be swamped and would lift my collars believing to the last syllable that I am really very beautiful. Of course, I would not be able to see myself but the others of my brethren hanging all over the trees in the orchard would convince me that I am really beautiful. This life of praise and appreciation would be like one of dancing on the waves of glory without much effort. I would never think of how long this glory would remain, and What would be the final outcome of my life.

Indeed, these days of innocent beauty would not be forever. As soon as I would ripen enough for man to eat, and I would be grown up enough to give man the nourishment I owe him, I would also like my ancestors be plucked from the trees and then the process of using me would start. I would of course still be lucky enough to be handled with great care and that would give me the strength and also pride due to the care taken of me. Boxes would be brought to my owner and I would be neatly packed in thin sheets of delicate tissue paper and set together with my friends to be sent and displayed. This part of my life would further acquaint me with my importance for man. The very thought that I am a very important item of food for man, an important item of man’s daily diet, would then give me the much required boost after having been severed from my parent the tree. The thought of being important would be very exciting but, I’d realise that, this was to be the beginning of my end for, as soon an individual would buy me, he would cut me into pieces, giving my body immense pain. This pain would only be enhanced when I would be put into a mouth to be further chewed to bits. Just imagine first being cut into pieces and then chewed into pulp Oh! what pain it would all entail. The very thought of this finale to my life, would keep me on pins and needles and above all, destroy all my ego of being so beautiful. I’d think what had been the use of being so much talked about when my end was also as ugly as the end of any ugly creature-death.

After being sold I’d only have to wait for the end to come. However the silver lining to this cloud of my end would be that, with my death I would have provided the necessary inputs of energy in my consumer master. This pleasure of having served my master till my end would be just wonderful as after all, how many things made by man die in the service of man? How many creatures has God ordained to help man in his living ordeal? I would be one such thing who would die only after serving my master. 

The enjoyment of serving is tremendous and so, as an apple I would be ordained to serve and that would be my advantage.

Thus if I were an apple I would have got the satisfaction of having served my master till death, and of having been a beauty of God’s creations.


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