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Essay on “If I Were an Educationist” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If I Were an Educationist


Being an educationist is, I think a great responsibility of man to his family, his society and his community and the nation. This, I say because I feel that education is the very citadel, the foundation of a prosperous and meaningful life.

In this context, let us analyse what education means to me. In the usual sense of the term education it implies studying books of a variety of subjects, sitting for exams, passing them, and then getting jobs. Yes, this is the primary need of every individual and the actual purpose of education. However, in my View it is not only this much. Education should mean the growth of the human being in its totality. Yes, he should be able to earn a living, but, even more important is that he should be able to return to the environment what he has got from it. For this achievement, the education imparted should be more holistic and more human oriented. Let us understand as to what we want from the children we educate. Is it only that they should be able to earn a living? NO every individual who is educated should, besides earning a living for himself, be an asset for his family, his society, the community, and the nation. Only if we achieve this much from our education I think we are imparting the right education.

With this View about education, if I were to be an educationist, I would see to this aspect of human growth and development. A man who just earns for himself is, I feel no more than a mere animal for, this is exactly what all animals do-all the lesser species of living being are always busy in looking for their food. Thus, in order to elevate the position of man in the comity of living beings, he has to be different, better and higher. To do this, from the very early stages of life, I would ensure that, a child who enters a school, besides the study of the given curriculum, each one is also taught and enlightened about his/her duties towards the environment and the people he lives with. Only when he is aware of his responsibilities towards others around him, I think a man should be called educated. Only then he is educated to respect and revere the environment he has to live with.

Within the curriculum also I would like to include subjects like morals, etiquette, consideration for others, duties and responsibilities. If all this is included in the syllabus, the children will have all these qualities inculcated in their childhood only. If this would happen so, the adult world would not have to face the multitudes of problems. Children trained in these human qualities would become human in the real sense of the word. If I were an educationist, I would try my best to change the very definition and essence of education. These days education only means to amass degrees while continuing to remain sub-human or even inhuman. What is the worth of an education that cannot turn out human beings, what is the worth of an education that, instead of solving problems of the society only creates more and more problems he already ailing society?

Thus, if I were an educationist, my thrust would be more to the producing of human beings what we are meant to be and less of book addicts. Methods would be evolved for the purpose, the syllabi would be changed if necessary for, and I am convinced that, an education that fails to produce human beings is a complete failure.


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