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Essay on “If Electricity Fails” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If Electricity Fails


Of all the inventions of science, electricity is perhaps the most useful on the practical side of life. In almost every sphere of life, we find electricity at work. Mills and factories are worked by electricity. Trains move by electricity most of the printing work is done by machines driven by electricity or electricity work is done by machines driven by electricity lifts, tube, wells ploughshares, winnowing machines and so many other things. Electricity is a great source of light, it turns night into day.

If electricity fails, It can very easily be imagined what will happen. Work will stop in almost all the factories and mills, Machines will come to a dead stop and thousands of workers will find themselves idle. In most of the offices that are underground and even over ground, there can be not work without light and fans.

Modern age is said to be an age of the inventions of science. But no other invention of science has brought about such a great change as electricity. A failure of electricity will make the world fell that the old backward times have returned. People have become so much used to electric light and fans that they will fell most unhappy if electricity fails even for a short time. High govt. officials and the rich will have a hell of time on the failure of electricity.

The failure of electricity will very adversely affect the world to today another ways. Production in agriculture as well as industry will go very low. In fact the whole system of production will become upset. UIN the event of the failure of electricity, tube wells cannot be worked and irrigation suffers. The huge machines in factories strike work.

What happens when electricity fails? It is all dark. People have on their lips the words: What to do now? How much time will the electricity take to come? Why it candle sticks has are lighted, but everything looks so dull. The city looks like a village in which there is no electricity. Everyone is impatient about the state of things.

How much we have begun to love and depend upon electricity is noteworthy. There was a time when electricity installed but most of them refused to do so. Now electricity is overspreading at a fast speed. Not to speak of the cities, it has reached the villages even. Now there are heaps of applications for power in the offices of electricity supply companies.

Electricity has a twofold utility. It is a source of power as well as light. Making can hope to have a bright future with the help of electricity,. As population is increasing, there is need of increased production and production can go up only if electric power is put to greater use. Efforts are being made by our govt. also to produce more electricity. Most of the provinces of the Punjab have become electrified with the help of electricity provinces also and in course of time, electricity will be available in all the states and provinces on a large scale. The age of electricity has come in with full force.



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