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Essay on “How I spent my last Sunday” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

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How I spent my last Sunday

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Last Sunday, I got up early in the morning. It was about 5 O’clock. Some of my friends came tom house. We all went to the riverside for a long walk. It was a very pleasant time. Nature was their best. A cool breeze was blowing. Birds were singing soft, sweet notes. Dew drops on the grass looked like pearls. Everything was green and fresh. We enjoyed swimming in the river and came back at about eight. I then had my breakfast. After this, I did my home task and prepared my lesson. It took me about three hours. It was almost noon. I had my usual meal. After this, I enjoyed a nap for some time. I got up at about 1 p.m. The sky was overcast with clouds and the weather was very pleasant. For some time, I played cards with my younger brothers and sisters.

At about three, I went to the cinema to see the movie. It was an interesting movie and I enjoyed it very much. I came back at 6 p.m. I narrated the story to my mother and younger brothers.

Late in the evening, I went out for a walk with my friends and came back at about 9 p.m. I felt rather tired. I had my supper and then went to bed. I enjoyed a very sound sleep. The next day I got up quite fresh and gay. That was how I spent my last Sunday.

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Essay No. 02


How I Spent My Last Sunday

Sunday is a holiday in all schools, colleges and offices. Different people spend this holiday in different ways. I here mention only how I spent my last Sunday.

Many people usually get up late in the morning on Sundays. I, however, got up early in the morning as usual. I took a glass of water and prayed to God for being so kind to me.

Thereafter, I went out for a walk. I took some exercise in the garden. Then I returned home. I had a bath. Thereafter, I took my breakfast. After that, I finished my homework and watched TV for some time. 

After that, I went to my friend, Sunil’s’ house. He had just returned from his uncle’s house. We decided to see a matinee show. Soon, it was time for that.

After seeing the picture at the Ashoka Theatre which is not far away from Sunil’s house, ‘I returned home and had lunch.

My sister and I requested Mother to take us to the circus. She smilingly acceded to our request. We enjoyed the evening show of Circus. My sister who’ is younger to me felt most amused at the pranks of the clowns. I, however; liked the elephant playing with a ball best.

As we returned home, we were overjoyed when we suddenly found uncle and aunt entering the house. They had come to invite us all to their marriage anniversary the same evening. Indeed, they took tea and sat in our house only for a few minutes and then took us as if forcibly, in their car which they had parked outside the house. They took us to ‘the Hotel Taj. I was surprised to find myself so lucky. My uncle and aunt had previously told us that they had decided not to celebrate their marriage anniversary that year. I learnt that this change in their plan had suddenly taken place because of an extraordinary promotion which uncle had got.

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Essay No. 03

My Last Sunday

Sundays generally have a fixed routine for the TV programmes. But my last Sunday was quite different. On Monday I had two papers – English and Mathematics. Due to unavoidable circumstances, I had not been able to do any revision. So, I had planned to get up early and had set the alarm clock to wake me up, but I got up very late. I had to skip through my lessons in English to make up for the lost time.

After breakfast, I started revising Maths and got stuck in the third problem. I was still trying to solve it when my uncle came with his family. I had to go to the market. When I returned, I learnt that the maid had not come and I had to help in laying the table and doing odd jobs.

I was free only when they left at 5 p.m. I went to my room and bolted the door, so that I could study undisturbed. By the time I really settled down there was a breakdown of electricity. Mother advised me to go to sleep and promised to wake me up as soon as the electricity came. As there was no current till late at night, we all went to sleep.

When I got up, it was almost 5 o’clock. The lights were on in all the rooms. I became worried and went round to see what was the matter. I found everyone in sound sleep. I tried to sit and study but I was so angry and anxious that I could not concentrate. Anyway, now it was time to get up and get ready. Thus, the whole of the last Sunday was wasted. I could neither watch TV and enjoy, nor could study.

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Essay No. 04

How I Spent My Last Sunday

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, last Sunday our class went to the Delhi Zoo. It is situated at Mathura Road near Purana Quila. We reached the zoo in our school bus. We entered the zoo. The entry to the zoo was by tickets. It was 11.30 a.m.

It was a pleasant day. We saw many deer of different kinds and sizes. They were kept in large enclosures. There were ducks and swans. They were swimming merrily.

Next we saw monkeys in their enclosures. They were also of different sizes. They were looking at the visitors. Some were taking rest. Some were jumping from one branch to another. Some were chattering and making faces at us. A few of us offered them groundnuts and bananas. They enjoyed eating them. A few monkeys were quarrelling among themselves.

Then we saw apes and gorillas. They were big in size. We saw fishes of different kinds swimming in ponds. They presented a pleasant sight.

Next to the fishes were enclosures of lions. They were parking and fro. They looked very ferocious. A few of there were sitting calmly basking in the sun. One of them roared. It was a frightening roar.

We got tired and hungry. We sat in the shade of the huge tree and enjoyed the lunch boxes we had with us. After about half an hour we got up and moved ahead. Next to the lion’s enclosures we saw panthers with black spots. They looked ugly and scaring. We then saw foxes, hippopotamus, elephants, different kinds of birds. Peacocks were the best to look at with their beautiful feathers. We also saw hyenas, crocodiles and giraffes and zebras.

It was a nice visit to the Delhi zoo. We came out and boarded our school bus. From our school we went back to our homes. It was a memorable visit.

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