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Essay on “Dusshera Festival” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Dusshera Festival

Dusshera is an important festival of the Hindus. It is celebrated with great joy and zeal.

The Raksha Bandhan is the festival of the Brahmins chiefly and Dusshera is the festival of the Kshattriyas. But all Hindus observe these festivals with great joy.

Dusshera comes in the month of Kuar. It is said that in olden days, the kings and rulers marched out of their kingdoms to conquer new areas on this very day after the rainy season. It is also said that the Goddess Durga killed the demon on this day. Hence this festival is observed on this day  in Her honour. It is also said that Rama killed Ravana on this day. Thus we see that the festival has different meanings for the different people.

People think that any work begun on this day will bring good luck. The Kshatgtriyas take out their swords or guns. They clean and worship them on this day. In the evening, people go to visit friends and relations at their houses. Betels are freely offered to visitors on this day.

The girls also observe this festival in a special way. They sow barley seeds in open pots full of earth or in some corner of the courtyard of the house a few days before this festival. The seeds grow into plants six inches high by this day. The girls pick them up and put a few of them over the ears of their brothers. In return, they get small gifts of money from their brothers.

The shop – keepers decorate their shops. The sweet- seller’s shops are full of new sweets on this day. They have good sale on this day. The toy sellers also have good Business on this day. The poorest man buys some sweets and toys for his children. The merchants and traders worship their Bahis and open fresh accounts on this day.

The most important and interesting thing about this festival is Ram- Lila. At many places Ram Lila is staged for a number of days. The life- story of Ram is shown from  the beginning to the end. There are Rama Lila dramtic companies that do the drama for some  payments. Every day in the evening Jhakis are taken out. Death of Ravana is celebrated on this day. They make a huge of paper on a bamboo frame. This Ravan fights with Rama and Laxman. He is killed and burnt. To see this scene , people of the town come in large numbers and there is a great joy everywhere.

The children are very happy. They see the Ram Lila with great interest for ten days. The story of Ram teaches them many good things. It is said that ten days Rama Lila results into a victory of good over evil. The festival is celebrated all over India. Dusshera means a remover of ten kinds of sins.


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Dusshera is a Hindu festival. It is celebrated on Danshvi (loth day) of lunar month. It is celebrated in the memory of Lord Rama.

He defeated Ravana, an evil soul on this day. Ravana was the king of Lanka. Bengalis believe that Durga came on the earth on this day.

The meaning of Durga is victory of good over evil. The effigies of the demon kings, Ravana, Kumbhkarna and Meghnath are burnt.

The play of Ramayana is staged and fairs are arranged all over the country. People feast and distribute sweets.

The children wear new clothes and get toys and sweet. Businessmen worship their account books on this day.

Dussehra not only brings joy but also inspires us to win over our bad instincts by good deeds and pious thoughts.


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