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Essay on “A Wrestling Match” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Wrestling Match

Wrestling matches have a long past history. In Mahabharat and Lord Krishna’s like history we find that wrestling was thought a great art. Even the great kings were fond of this art. They learnt themselves and also made it popular among the people.

Last year Madan, a well – known wrestler of Gwalior, threw a challenge   to the wrestlers of his district. The challenge was taken up by Harinath. A match was arranged between them on the Dussehra day.

The news of the match caused a stir in  the town. The entry was by tickets. Thousands of people gathered to see the match. My friend Mohan and I also purchased tickets. As we entered the arena we saw it was full of spectators. Every inch of space was occupied. Many other wrestlers were present to see the match.

At 4 p.m.  two wrestlers jumped into the arena. They shook hands with each other. Madan was tall, heavy and well- built. He seemed to be full of energy. Harinath was short, rather thin but muscular. At first we thought that Harinath was no match for Madan. Madan seemed to be the stronger of the two.

Presently the match began. The wrestlers came to grip. Madan gave a terrible push to Harinath and then wanted to pull him to the ground. But Harinath stood the push well. though he was smaller and probably weaker he proved to be the braver and cleavers of the two. Madan soon realized that it was not easy to give defeat to his opponent. He, therefore, changed his tactics. Instead of depending upon his superior strength he began to make use of his clever tricks. In this way the match went on for about fifteen minutes.

The friends of the two wrestlers cheered them at every move. The crowd of spectator showed greater sympathy for Harinath, perhaps because of  his being smaller of the two. Whenever Harinath played a good trick or drove Madan into a difficult position the audience clapped and cheered loudly.

For some time it seemed as if the match would end in a draw. Both wrestlers seemed to be equally clever and strong. Both were perspiring and getting exhausted. But expectations proved false. We saw that Harinath managed to catch hold of Madan’s waist from behind. He then pulled him with all his strength and with a violent jerk threw him on the ground. Before Madan had time to get up or roll over his chest. Harinath jumped on him and pinned him down his back on the ground.

Harinath had defeated the Mathura Champion. On all sides shouts of victory rose up into the air. Everybody was surprised but happy at the result of the match. Madan left the arena with his head hung in sorrow. A mischievous man cried loudly ‘Pride hath a fall’. Harinath on the other hands. His friends , being overjoyed on his unexpected victory, lifted him on their shoulder and warmly congratulated him on his feet.

Wrestling has been a symbol of greatness. In this scientific era we have world competitions in  wrestling. In this period to have a fair play , we decide the team match on basis of weight, age and other abilities.


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