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Essay on “Autobiography of a Torn Shirt” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Autobiography of a Torn Shirt

I am now a torn shirt. See, I am lying uncleared for here in a corner of my master’s house. Nobody has any regard for me. What a state I have been reduced to! But it was not always so. A train of thoughts flashes across my mind. I have seen many ups and downs in life.;

I was born of the cotton seeds which grew in the fields of a farmers in South India. A farmer woman collected the seeds. They wear sent to a ginning mill. There they were pressed between two rollers. They felt the pain of death in their ribs, but they did not die. They passed through several such recesses. They passed through several such processes. They took the form of yarn. The yearn was woven into cloth. The cloth come in the market and a gentleman bought three meters of it. It was taken to a tailor’s shop. The tailor cut the cloth me home with feelings of joy.

He showed me this near and dear ones. I was highly praised for my cut and style. My master wore me for the first time in the marriage of one of his friends. He looked very smart and youthful. I felt the grace of his good looks and had pride in myself. Next morning I had to come off his body and he had a change. I had a long association with my master. I was sometimes dirty, sometimes neat and bright. I had to go to the weatherman so many times. My master loved me so much that he gave instructions to the washer man to wash and iron me with great care.

Although I do not want to refer to the private life of my master, the story of my life will remain incomplete unless I do so. He was in the habit of visiting places of entertainment. So, I had a rich experience of seeing hotels, restaurants and cinema halls. I had a lot of fun and pleasure at his cost.

One day he had a quarrel with a taxi driver. As a result of pulls on me, I got torn off. There were some scratches on my body. I do not know why I have a feeling of complaint against my –resent fate. The feeling leaves me only when I remember the bygone days. I was welcomed like a bride into the house of my master one day. I had a high place among other shirts I laughed at their helplessness. But now if I have been other shirts. I laughed at their helplessness…s. But now if I have been neglected I have no reason to complain.

I don’t hope to get better days again. Perhaps I shall now turn into rags. I shall have a number of unhappy experiences,.  Few parts of mine may be used to clean shoes while the other parts to dust off the furniture of my master’s house. I am prepared for all this.


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