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Essay on “Cinema” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Cinema- Its Uses and Abuses

The cinema exercises the greatest influence on young minds. Today it is more of the most popular forms of recreation. It has become a fashion with young person’s to pay a visit to a cinema hall on the opening day of a picture. There are thousands who have never missed a new picture. The names of film stars are known even to young children. There is hardly any man in a big city who has not been to a picture. ‘Pictures have done a great good to the public and at the same time they have spilled the lives of many.

The greatest use of cinema is that it is a good means of recreation. It breaks the monotony of life and thus make bus fit for better work. Laborers. Businessmen, clerks, teachers, and other who are tired of the day’s work find a great change and relaxation in a cinema hall. They are thrilled to see various scenes on the screen and are very happy to hear sweet songs. The dances and movements of the doctors please all. The comic part in the film removes the fatigue and worries of the people.

The cinema plays a special role in the education of the youth. Teaching through pictures has a lasting effect on the minds of children. Subjects like geography and history become more interesting if they are taught with the aid of films. The films the conquest of Everest gives the children knowledge of mountains and encourage them to undertake such adventure. Some of the important novels and dramas of the main points and make it very easy for them to understand the original books.

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Cinema is one of the most important inventions of modern science. The invention was made by Thomas Edison, a famous American scientist. Came is an effective medium for education and recreation. It plays a crucial role social, political , educational and moral life. It has come to occupy an import place in our life. Cinema attracts young boys and girls the most.

Nowadays, one can see a movie either on one’s television set or at a cinema house. Students are always eager to see movies. Cinema halls draw huge crowds in their noon shows because   a number of students see movies in these shows by messing their classes. The cinema halls also attract a great rusk  of people on Saturday and Sunday, when  most of the offices are closed.

Feature films are being produced in India since 1912-13. While R.G. torney along with N.G. Chitre made Pundalik in 1912, Dhundiraj Govind Phalke produced Raja Harishechandra in 1913. The era of silent films was overtaken by the talkie era in 1931 when Ardeshir Irani produced Alam Ara, though silent movies continued to be produced till 1934.

India leads the world in the annual output of feature films these figures go to prove that cinema has become very popular in India. It has become a part and parcel of our life. Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai are the most important centres of film production.

Films can be exhibited in India only after they have been certified by the central Board of Film Certification. The Board, set-up under the Cinematograph Act, 1952 consists of a chairman and a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 26 members. The headquarters of the Board are at Mumbai.

Indian films are not only popular in India but also popular among many countries of South-East Asia and West Asia. They are also popular in Russia. The export of Indian feature films is channelized through the National Film. I development (NFDC) is the central agency to promote good cinema in the country. It was set-up on 11 April, 1980 the amalgamation of the  erstwhile film, Finance Corporation and Indian Motion Picture Export Corporation.

The Indian film industry is a source of employment to many people. The cinema is a very economical source or entertainment for the common people. Any person can buy a ticket for a few rupees and see a movie at any cinema house. Cinema helps us to escape, for a while, form the worries and anxieties of life. It relieves us of tension. It provides us relaxation. It is for this reason that in a cinema – hall, we always find a cross. Section of people – executives and workers, rich and poor, young and old, boys and girls, etc.

Cinema is a great source of education. It enlarges the frontiers of our knowledge. We can know about the culture , clothes, language, customs, etc. of people of other countries by seeing foreign films in India or seeing Indian films which have scenes shot in foreign countries. It saves us the botheration of physically visiting these countries. Documentary films also increase our knowledge. We can watch the scenes of different cities and countries while sitting in the comfort of cinema halls.

In a backward country like India, cinema can be a great source of education. We can gain knowledge of political, social and economic problems of our country. If educational films are produced, students of schools and colleges can benefit a lot in their studies. The students of today are the citizens of tomorrow. By showing them good movies, we can build the character of students and broaden their outlook. Cinema leaves a permanent and a deep impression on the minds of the people especially the young ones. It is, therefore, imperative that only good pictures are shown to our young students.

Cinema  can be instrumental in bringing about much needed social reforms in our society. Social films can show the evils of  untouch ability, dowry, and child marriage, drinking, drug  addiction, smoking, etc. and exhort the people to give up these evils in their own interest. Communalism raises its ugly head time and again in many parts of the country. Cinema can highlight the fact that communalism poses the greatest danger to the unity of the country.  It can promote national integration. Cinema can also teach people to be law- abiding, to keep the environment clean, and to fight against diseases.

But films can also cause a lot of harm if they are made with an eye on the box office without bothering about the social content of these films. Unfortunately, most of the films being produced in Mumbai and other centres ire full of violence, nude scenes, rape scenes, cabaret dances, etc. they deliberately inject scenes of sex and violence in films and thus contaminate the social atmosphere of the society. If people are exposed to sex and violence all the time, they may be psychologically conditioned to accept them I routine facts of life, which in fact goes against the aims for which films are tide, that is, to bring unity and harmony among the people. Such films pollute ie minds of young boys and girls . Such filthy films create every bad impression the minds of young students who can easily go astray.

Similarly, films depicting sordid events like murders, robbery, theft, cheating, leave an adverse influence on the minds of the youth of our country. By seeing such films, young boys and girls develop criminal tendencies in the life. These films initiate the youth into the world of crime and make the vagabonds. However, the children’s film Society Indian (CFSI) provides value based entertainment to children through the medium of films and is engaged in production, acquisition, distribution/exhibition and promotion of children’s films. CFSI films are telecast regularly on Doordarshan as well as on private satellite channels.

Thus while cinema has many advantages, it also has a number of disadvantages. Our government should , therefore, formulate a National Policy of Films so that only good and purposeful films are produced and exhibited in our  country. The censor Board should be told to be stricter while passing the films. If the right types of films with social and moral messages are produced , they can bring about the much needed reforms and changes in our society.

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Cinema – Its Pros and Cons

Cinema inside television or outside television is still a major entertainment of the modern world. Both its constructive and destructive values cannot be under- rated or over- rated.

From the poorest to the richest, people are fond of seeing the cinema. Late night shows are full of poor labourers, rickshaw-wallas, tongawallas, coolies and other daily wage earners who have no time during other shows, as they must work to earn a living.

Matinee shows are patronized by the students who find a cinema- hall a more interesting and less boring place than classroom in schools and colleges. They just steal away from studies and their parents are completely ignorant about the whereabouts of their children.

If the films are made with educative purpose with noble ideals, these can be very useful for the uplift of the younger generation. But the truth I as that good films are as rare as to do.

Now most of the films are made to play to the passions of the lowest kid and Hollywood has become leader of the film world throughout the world. Most of the films deal with sex, crime and violence. These films are now responsible for increasing number of thefts, murders and rapes in the world.

Most of the modern films lay stress on easy and dizzy life rather than values of hard work, honesty and public welfare. Film goers only learn how to beat, and cheat, rob and fob, wine and dine, and that has become the be all and end- all of modern business, educating and politics. 

There is nothing wrong with cinema as a popular medium of public values. It can be put to a good purpose or evil activities.  It is a sharp knife for surgery as well as murder. To-day, unfortunately, cinema is being sued for murdering the minds and morals of mankind.

The reasons are very much written on the wall. The films are no longer pieces of art as they used to be in olden times. The actors and producers of those days did the job to serve their high taste for art not for money and reputation.

The films today are a big industry earning crores and employing lots of people. They earn lot of money to fill the coffers of the government by tax money but they are polluting the minds of people, especially the youth to the extent that it can be safely predicted that the modern cinema will be the cause of the doom of this society ultimately, towards which we are heading.



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