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Essay on “An Autobiography of A Door Mat” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

An Autobiography of A Door Mat


I am a doormat, and my life consists of only people walking upon my body and rubbing their feet or shoes on me. All the dust and dirt the shoes gather from the roads, parks etc. are neatly deposited on my body, and I, believe me, assimilate it all. This is my life, a life of scorn hate and of being used only in collection of dirt. 

For a long time, I actually cannot really assess how long it must have been, but it was quite jlong while I lay in a shop, in an area I think called Lajpat Nagar. There, in the midst of so many of my friends and colleagues small and big, it was a lot of fun and enjoyment. We often discussed life, and even the people who came to our shop. The haggling of the customers and the arguments put up by the salesman on our shop was really very interesting to hear, and the fun took the toll Of the whole day in no time. Before we would know it, it would be time of the evening to pack up. So very interesting life was for us, that, time just flew. In the daytime when the shop was opened, we were all neatly decorated in the front of the shop in tall heaps, and a large stock of my friends would lie huddled up in one corner of the shop. I was very lucky as, l was always put in front Of the shop and, never dumped in a corner. This is because I think I was and still am very beautiful and attractive. This was my routine in the shop together with my friends whom I miss even to day.

Daily we would enjoy the discussions about us, and in general about the world among our customers, and thus, not a moment of boredom did I ever feel at the shop. Every day some customers would come and go, and sure enough some of my friends would be bought and find a home, and walk off the scene of the shop. At times this made me feel rather lonely, and to some extent even worried. I often worried why people would see me and then not choose me, and instead take some other friend of mine. Seeing this for some time, I started feeling rather depressed and I even felt that there must be something really wrong with me that no one wants to take me. With this sort of feelings, an unhappy mood would often creep in my usually jolly mind. However, the morning would bring in new hope and so every morning I would hope that some one would at last like me and purchase me. After a long wait in moods of depression and boredom finally one day, a fine looking young lady set her hands on me and expressed a desire to buy me. It is then during the argument between her and my master that I came to know why I had been left for so long in this showroom when so many of my simpler looking friends had found homes. When the lady asked the price for me she just jumped in shock, and then I realised that, I was too expensive, and she kept on haggling. All this time of arguments I kept my fingers crossed wondering if she would finally buy me at all or just leave me and go. This thought of being left back in the shop even after having been chosen was absolutely unbearable but, Lady Luck finally smiled at me and, I was neatly rolled up and handed over to the lady.

Till I reached my new home and I was appreciated by one and all who saw me I really did not know that I was so very beautiful. The children, the guests who came to the house all just loved me and this infused new life and hope in me. It all helped in boosting my morale and, once again I started feeling comfortable and happy. I did not even know how to serve my master but the family was very helpful and they all helped me in feeling at home.

My first experience with life came when the first guest who came to the house and rubbed his dirty shoes on my new neat and clean body. I was pained physically with the harsh ruband also mentally I was rather upset wondering if this was to be my work always. To my surprise that very day I came to know that this was to be my onerous task day in and day out. The thought, I must tell you really did disappoint me but then, as time passed by, I got used to this fact of life. Moreover, my other friends in the house explained to me that I should not feel bad when people rub their feet on my back and clean up their feet/ shoes, instead, I should feel proud that I help people in maintaining cleanliness, and I also help in maintaining the house clean of all dirt. As time passed by, the thought of serving the family in keeping their house clean and thus healthy, gave me a lot of solace and satisfaction. Now, I have been in this house for six months. I have taken quite a long time in adjusting myself to all the rude facts of my life but now, I am quite happy and comfortable with the work and duties allotted to me. Physically, yes, when people rub their shoes on my back it still hurts my body but, mentally and morally I am now quite satisfied with my work, my profession, and my life.

I do sometimes wonder what my end will be, as, I have heard that some of my old friends in this house only have been thrown away in the dustbins of the Municipality. I know that, this is exactly what will happen to me also when I am old and am not able to serve my masters with the same efficiency. Whatever may be in store for me in the future I am presently, enjoying my life thoroughly, sitting snugly in the huge sitting room of the master and his family. Why worry about the future let me live in the present and have a gala time.


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