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Essay on “A Visit to the Dentist” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Visit to the Dentist

My tooth was paining throughout the night. I had to take a painkiller to lessen the pain. Worst of all I did not get a wink of sleep the whole night through.

The next morning. I told my mother about my toothache. It was obvious I could not go to school. So instead she took me to the dentist. I was horrified but I had no choice.

At nine o’clock we waited outside the dentist’s clinic. The nurse came and opened the door. I was the patient. She wrote down my particulars and told me to wait a moment. The  dentist had not arrived yet. Meanwhile the tooth still ached. The dentist arrived and I was ushered to the dentist’s chair. Normally  I would run away from the frightening surgery with all its horrible drills and pliers but I did not. I had to get the offending tooth out.

So I sat down on the reclining chair while the dentist kept saying some reassuring words. I relaxed somewhat. He asked me to open my mouth. I did so. He said that the tooth had to come out. I  nodded dumbly in reply. I felt a slight prick of pain when he gave me an injection but that was nothing compared to the toothache. Soon, miraculously, all pain disappeared. The anesthetic definitely worked very quickly. Before I knew it, the  dentist told me that I could go. I looked at him quizzed and he told me he had already pulled the tooth out. What wonder, I did not even feel it.

The dentist had kept a wad of cotton over the wound and he told me to keep my mouth shut for while. I nodded, smiled and went out into the waiting room where my mother was waiting for me. The visit to the dentist was not too bad after all.


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