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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “The Menace of Science” Complete Essay for Class 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and Graduation Students.

The Menace of Science

Science has changed the world around us dramatically. It has brought both comfort and destruction into our lives. It has conquered many diseases, shortened many distances, and improved agricultural output.

However, it cannot be claimed that science has had no negative side effects. Science has done great damage to human existence. Thanks to its unlimited potential of destruction, many inhuman methods of destroying the human race have been developed. Germs for killing innocent victims through the spread of epidemics, chemicals for instant or painful death, atom and hydrogen bombs, guns, tanks, missiles have taken birth in the lap of science.

Many centuries ago, a person injured in the war could hope to live a normal life after he was fully cured. Today unfortunately a person injured in the war can never hope to become normal again. He would either remain crippled or suffer from post-war trauma or he may carry a bullet piece of bomb shrapnel inside his body all his life. In case the soldier has been involved in nuclear warfare and being exposed to nuclear radiation, his life becomes miserable. He develops various cancerous diseases and dies a very painful death

Swords and daggers have given way to highly accurate pistols and rifles. These weapons not only kill people they also often harm the people standing near the victim. Human bombs have today become the ultimate weapons of terrorists. In this system a person wears the clothes with a bomb hidden inside; besides killing himself he also totally destroys the target and its surroundings.

Science has along with the weapons also played negative roles in many non-environmental technologies. It has provided a cheap alternative to all profit-hungry industrialists. The use of these technologies has caused much harm. They have increased the discharge of poisonous gases in the air and chemicals into the water and soil.

In the search for better medicines, science has destroyed many innocent animals, fishes, and birds. These creatures have been extensively experimented upon in the laboratories. Many tortures that have been inflicted upon them have been in the name of science

While arriving at a conclusion we must however not blame the tool and let the hand that uses it go scot-free. Science is a tool in the hands of mankind. To say it is a menace would be wrong. The wrong is done by the hand in which the tool is held. We should therefore strive to stop the hand and not the tool.


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