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Employee Reference Letter, complete letter of Reference example.

Employee Reference Letter


Employee reference letter is a kind of letter that states a reference for a certain person. This is usually used in application letters and resumes. An employee reference letters includes the traits and the character that an applicant possesses and makes a testimony of referral.


Mr. Tarun Bansal


Shyam Park



Dear Mr. Bansal,

Meera has been reporting on me in the position of the insurance sales agent in the past one and half years. I have work nearly with Meera and I believe that I am suited to talk about and comment with regards to her performance and skills.

Meera was responsible in marketing various insurance products that our company produced which comprises both personal and corporate packages. She sourced for some new clients, distinguished the features of every product and then assisted them in filling of the applications. Meera was also responsible of ensuring that the payments are received and the reimbursements are all paid.

Meera is a very knowledgeable sales agent in terms of marketing and she has exhibited the skill to influence potential clients to purchase a product and promote the company products in the corporate level. I am always impressed by Meera’s work and I would say that she is a hard working and creative sales person.

I believe that Meera will be very valuable to any employer. If you have more questions about her skills and abilities, you can contact me.

Sincerely Yours

Anant Kapoor


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