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CBSE ASL Answer for Class 10, “Your classmate often scribbles on class walls ”

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
Class-X (2016-17)
Speaking Test (Prompts)

Task 2

Your classmate often scribbles on class walls and cuts out his/her name on the class furniture. With your partner discuss:

1.  What the reasons for this could be?
2. How you could discourage her/him from doing this?

Follow-up questions

a) Would it be easy/difficult to…?
b) What advice…? Would…accept…?
c) Do you think …might motivate her/him?
d) Would it be embarrassing…? Why?
e) What do you think about…?
f) Could the help of the school counsellor…?
g) How do you think s/he would react to…?
h) Would it be fair to report…?
i) What do you think would be the reaction of…?
j) Is it common…?

Candidate A – Hey Vinay, What are looking at the wall?

Candidate B – Oh ! I am trying to read what’s written here.

Candidate A – O ! the graffiti.

Candidate B – Graffiti ! What’s that

Candidate A – Graffiti means anything written or etched on wall or furniture. It disfigured buildings, furniture and trees.

Candidate B – Our classmate Rohan often scribbles on class walls and furniture. I have read his name at many places.

Candidate A – That’s is a bad thing. He is disfiguring our class this way.

Candidate B – But it has become his habit. I have noticed that wherever he sits he starts scribbling his name.

Candidate A – He has developed a bad habit. It will harm him also. Disfiguring public places is an offence.

Candidate B – And it gives a bad impression about our school to others.

Candidate A – Yes, he must understand that this school belongs to us and there is no need to scratch our names everywhere.

Candidate B – We can show our belongings and love by caring the property and helping in it good upkeep.

Candidate A – Yes, you are right, if realizes his mistake soon it will be better for him and for all.

Candidate B – Ok ! Let’s go and meet him.


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