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CBSE ASL of Speaking for Class 9 Prompt 6 “Classmates do not bring their books” Answer 6

Answer “Prompt – 6”


Many of your classmates do not bring their books to class and disturb others during class.

Discuss with your partner why they behave in this way and what can be done to resolve the problem.

Candidate A – Today, again our classmate did not bring their books and kept disturbing the whole class.

Candidate B – This had happened in our class as well but our class teacher solved this problem very intelligently.

Candidate A – How? What did she do?

Candidate B – She started calling those students parents on daily basis and told them about their behaviors.

Candidate A – That is very intelligent of her. I would also suggest my class teacher for the same solution.

Candidate B – Yes, you should tell her, and I am sure this will help.

Candidate A – of course, this will work, students fear their parents and if their parents checks them about the books they will have to bring it.

Candidate B – You are right.

Candidate A – Thank you for the advice.

Candidate B – You are welcome.


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