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Article, Paragraph, Essay on “FDI- First Develop India” article for Class 10, Class 12, Graduation Classes and descriptive examination

FDI- First Develop India

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi proved to be an obsessive with these instinctive skill for which he is chosen the Prime minister of this great country. His initial pace towards MAKE IN INDIA- FDI- First Develop India is established completely by all sections of the society. The fact that he distorted the short form FDI proves his way towards, thinks worldwide and acts in the vicinity. Mr. Modi, gave a perfect direction to the full form of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), this shows his stable, nonstop and endless consideration process in leading the country towards progress. This is the march of lion shows how grave Mr. Modi is in his terms which are sure to follow in his actions. Mr. Modi’s simple domination and even more determined project are to change the country into a technologically dynamic economy with going to growth, leading to formation of numerous job opportunities. He is identifying possible investor across the world to make the country an industrial core. He unveils 25 branded growth sectors at the Vigyan Bhavan.

With his scheme he gave identify to all the investor overseas about the forecast in Indian land. This also gives expectation to many Indians abroad to hope for well-paid jobs in India. The way America, Japan and China respond to Modi’s initiative will make India grab up with its desertion image and inheritance.

The Prime Minister said, “After what we have done and what I hear from you, I don’t think I need to guarantee you any further on “Make in India”. He hopes manufacturing across the world will take his encourage seriously. Make in India is not a slogan. It is an operation for which, new licenses are going to be issue, policies for doing business in India will be redefined and opportunities will be improved. This will increase the purchasing power of the people, service of the youth, along with increased standard of living of the poor and down compressed in the country. In Independence Day he said in his speech that the licenses will be issued online, round the clock, 24/7 with the authority increased to three years.  Mr. Modi is ready to make the dealings simplify and business friendly. Make in India is a mission with a single minded commitment to develop India and its people. The mission to make India truly worldwide will make India vibrant creating millions of jobs for the youth in the country. Mr. Mukesh Ambani declared that industry in India has to attain global competitiveness along with its global terms. India is consecrated to have Modi as Prime Minister.

Mr. Modi also stated about good governance and effective governance. The country is ours. He wants to see Indians staying in India and shine as MNC’s. The world is ready to come to India; we offer democracy, demographic dividend and demand. Mr. Modi wants to take India in a higher level of Business index. He state that we need to create development, growth oriented schemes. His team is working effectively to achieve the said targets with positive outlook and thinking. Mr. Modi intends to increase manufacturing, with its employment, purchasing power and social status. Modi believes that the Indians for trust alone can change lot of things in this country. When he says government is for every Indian, he means it is for the poorest of the poor. The trust which is fading away, if reinstated in the youth of the country, may be the impossible becomes possible and the Indian youth gets a proper vision and direction. Mr. Modi stresses on self- certification, it may sound a small step, but it is a biggest step trusting 125 crore Indians. The positive program taken by Modi will surely establish trust, faith and confidence among the Indian youth. The urgent need of the hour is to keep the mind and body of the youth occupied in the healthiest way. Modi’s efforts should be collectively supported by every Indian, institutions, all state governments, NGO’s, private and public sectors.


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