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10 Amazing Scientific “Facts of Discovery, Invention & Wonder ” interesting facts for Class 10 and 12 Part 1

Facts of Discovery, Invention & Wonder – 1

557. The early Romans used pebbles for counting.

558. The Great Pyramids of Egypt were among the tallest of all man- made structures until the Eiffel tower was built in the year, 1889.

559. The Roman calendar had only ten months and it began with march. September was thus the seventh month, October the 8th, November, the 9th and December, the 10th. It was Numa Pompilius, the second king of ancient Rome who added the first two months, January and February.

560. King Philip Augustus of France (1165 A.D. to 1223 A.D.) had decreed that every citizen of France wear shoes with toe- fronts extended in points, the length of which depended on his rank. The shoes of the common subjects had only six- inch- long points while the king’s footwear had points 15 inches long.

561. The low – frequency sound of an oscillator devised by Gannin, a Russian scientist can frighten away the pests that ruin crops.

562. An Italian firm has invented an electrical device, which can clear a building of mice and rats within minutes by emitting an ultrasonic screech.

563. The Belgian Congo was not even a colony of Belgium. For many years, it remained to personal property of King Leopold II of Belgium. It was under his patronage that Stanley, the explorer, had reached this place.

564. The U.S.A. purchased Alaska from Russia in 1867, for just 1,450,000 pounds.

565. The Earl of Sterling during his rule, rented the whole of Canada from King James I of Scotland for just one penny a year.

566. The neurosurgeon, Boris Smirnov (1891-1967) who lived and worked in Turkmenia ( a part of the former Soviet Union) for 35 years was a gifted specialist in different fields. He is known to have mastered 10 languages, including Sanskrit. He even translated the Mahabharata into the Russian language.

567. William Higginbotham of New York invented a video game in 1958. It was a table tennis game and was called ‘pong’. It took another 14 years for its commercial production.

568. John Mitchell (1596-1722) of Scotland was the only man who lived across three centuries (16th 17th and 18th).

569. Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at one and the same time.

570. Lithium is the lightest metal while Osmium is the heaviest.


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