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10 Amazing Scientific “Facts of the Sea” interesting facts for Class 10 and 12 Part 4

Facts of the Sea – 4

511. It is very difficult to move at great speed in the water, but the barracuda, which is the fastest fish in the sea, swims at 60 km per hour.

512. Salt water does not decay because chloride ions comprise 55% of the solids dissolved in it. Out of 100 parts of sea water near the surface, salt constitutes more than 3 parts.

513. The Pacific Ocean has more undersea mountains than any other ocean. A huge range called the East Pacific Rise stretches from Antarctica to Mexico.

514. The dead Sea is not really a sea. It is actually a huge salt lake that lies between Jordan and Israel. The ancient Greeks called it the ‘Dead Sea’, the Hebrews called it the ‘Salt Sea’ and the Arabs called it the stinking sea’. At about 400 metres below sea level, it is the lowest lying mass of water in the world. No plant or animal life exists here and the density of salt is so great that you can actually float on it without the fear of getting drowned.

515. The catfish has taste buds on its whiskers.

516. The humpback whale communicates with beeps and calls that sound like songs.

517. There are 1,600 known species of starfish in the world.

518. A fish called the Cleaner Wrasse eats parasites and decaying painful matter inside other fish’s mouths. When fishes have dental problems, they seek out the wrasse that often has a line of fish waiting while he attends to his first patient.

519. The octopus blocks the entrance to its den with a door made of rocks.

520. The world’s largest animal is the sulphur- bottom whale that has been known to measure 100 feet (30 meters) in length and weigh 150 tons.


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