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10 Amazing Scientific “Facts of the Sea” interesting facts for Class 10 and 12 Part 3

Facts of the Sea – 3

501. The starfish has an eye on the end of each arm.

502. The most venomous fish in the world is the stonefish of the tropical waters of the Indo- Pacific. Direct contact with the spines of its fins, which contain neurotoxin poison, often proves fatal.

503. The giant squid can grow up to 15 metres long and weigh as much as 2 tonnes. Its eyes alone are 40 cms wide.

504. The skin of the shark is rough enough to be sued as a sandpaper, while its teeth are hard as steel.

505. Blubber ( a thick layer of fat beneath the skin) keeps sea animals like the sea, the whale and the walrus from freezing in icy waters during winter.

506. The Caspian Sea is not a sea but a lake.

507. The Indian Ocean is getting 20 cms wider every year.

508. The lowest place on earth is the Dead Sea. It is 400 metres below sea level and is so salted that salt deposits rise up like pillars out of the water. No fish live here.

509. The ‘cuttlefish’ is not a fish but a peculiar kind of sea animal, more precisely, a mollusk. It has three hearts, two of which are placed at the gills and serve to pump impure blood into the gills where it absorbs oxygen; the blood then passes into the third or central heart which pumps it into the various organs. The blood of the cuttlefish contains a compound known as heamocyanin. Its copper content is what makes its blood blue. It shines brightly and looks metallic in bright sunlight. It often changes its ejects a black liquid which acts like smoke screen. This pigment is used for making ink. It lays about 100 to 300 eggs during spring and summer. While its flesh is used by man as food, its bones are used to feed canaries and parrots. This fish lives mainly in coastal waters.

510. A certain variety of fish found in the waters of the Amazon River can gulp down about 250 fish, big and small, in one minute.


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