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Write a Letter to “farewell letter to colleagues”. Miscellaneous Letters example

A farewell letter to colleagues


Dear friends

You all are aware that I’ve resigned from my job at CP Corporation and decided to take on some new challenges in my life. I’m venturing into the new world of entrepreneurship. I’m very excited about the possibilities there and it will be a challenge for me to be successful amongst the already established giants. Before leaving to venture in to the new field, I wanted to take a few moments to share my thought about my stay here so far and my experience with wonderful people like you.

I’ve enjoyed every moment here. I’ve received very enriching and rewarding experiences of my life here in this corporation. When I joined the CP Corporation, I was not sure of myself and hesitated to do anything new. But my sincere thanks to do you all, everybody here with all your active support and Constructive cooperation, I have grown significantly, both personally and professionally.

I’d like to bid farewell to you all from the core of my heart. I wish you all good luck in all your endeavors and hope that we’ll meet again sometime in the journey of life. I can’t express my gratitude in any real sense and the great feelings that I have for you all are beyond words.

With warmest wishes

Sincerely yours,

Chakradhar Sharma


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