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Write a letter to an export house for doing business.

Write a letter to an export house for doing business.

June 8, 2003


M/s Hamiton Export Inc.,

Bond Street,



We take the pleasure of introducing ourselves, M/s Rawat Exports, as one of the leading publishers and exporters of general books in Asia especially Middle East Asia in the area of books. Our specialization is in the area of “General Books” in which we are one of the leading publishers in India. Having come to know about your reputation and strong presence in the U.K. market, it would be an appreciable fact if both of us could symbiotically conduct business and thereby get a stronghold on the market.

Kindly send us your terms and conditions for the same. We are looking forward to a long and healthy business relationship.

Yours Sincerely,

For Rawat Exports



Reply to the previous letter.

June 10, 2003


M/s Rawat Exports,

Nehru Place,

New Delhi.


We thank you for the interest shown in us for conducting business. As a matter of fact, we have also been thinking of doing business in India and have been scouting for a business associate. It is a mutual pleasure if both of us can benefit from the association. As desired by you, we are sending our terms and conditions which we hope you will find quite amicable. However, we would also desire to have your terms and conditions. In case, you find any condition that is uncomfortable to you, do revert to us for clarification. As a matter of fact, one of my business associates will also meet you in Delhi so as to discuss matters relating to a healthy business.

With Best Regards,

For Hamiltion Exports


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