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Letter regarding the export of books.

Letter regarding the export of books.

May 3, 2002


M/s. Wongsin and Co.,

Manila, Singapore


We would like to inform your goodself that we are one of the largest exporters of books in India and our specialty is in the General book section, for which you have a very good market in India. We are already exporting to Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea and many other South East countries. Besides this, our novel section is equally strong and we have high-valued exports regarding the novels. Sine your organisation is the largest distributor of books in Singapore, we would like to do business with your goodself on a regular basis. Kindly find enclosed our terms and conditions for business, but we are flexible depending on the off take. Looking forward to your valued order.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

Pathak Exports,

Delhi, India


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