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Solved Exercise for Precis writing with Title “Factors Unfavourable for Reading” Precis for Class 9, 10, 11, 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Passages with Solved Precis

The first thing necessary to the pleasure of reading is that when people are young they should acquire the habit of reading. This is becoming more and more difficult. Before I was aware of things in the world, the Penny Post had already begun to make a change adverse to reading. By consuming a vast amount of time in correspondence that was unnecessary, trivial or irksome. Railways have altered people’s habits by making them move about much more. But. Railways have this compensating advantage that, although, they take people much away from home, a long railway journey affords a first rate opportunity for reading. They were not, therefore, an unmixed disadvantage. But, now things are changing, the motorcar is altogether unfavourable to reading. People consume more time in moving about than they did not before and they consume it under conditions which, even for people with good eyes must make reading difficult, if not impossible. The telephone is a deadly disadvantage; it minces time into fragments and trays the spirit. Wireless, with all its delights, is now being added as a distraction to divert people from time that might be given to the pleasure of reading. The cinematograph is another change in the same direction’ and flying is becoming more and more common. All these things must make it more difficult for successive generations to acquire the habit of reading and, if that habit be acquired, to maintain it. Even before all these changes it was not easy to maintain the habit, but it could be done.

A further disadvantage to reading is the great development of picture papers. Picture papers are tending to divert people not only from reading, but from thought, where one used to see people get into a railway carriage and settle down to a book, they now come with an armful of picture papers and look at the pictures with more or less transient amusement one after the other, and so pass the time.


Factors Unfavourable for Reading

In order to draw any pleasure from reading; we must cultivate the habit of reading. But this is becoming increasingly difficult. Most mode inventions are unfavourable to the growth of the reading habit. The Penny Post which makes people waste much time in writing and reading unnecessary letters; the railways which keep people moving about although they do at the same time enable the passengers to read during the journey; the motorcar; the telephone; the wireless; the cinematograph; the picture paper – all these take people away from reading. People amuse themselves by looking at the pictures in picture papers and avoid the exertion of reading.


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