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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 11

11It has given me a great pleasure to be once again in your midst to inaugurate the ninth annual meetings of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics. Important as the work of this society is my attachment with it has an element of personal interest. It was in 1947 that the society was started and as minister for food and agriculture I was asked to be its first president. It was during the term of my office in that Ministry that I realized, as never before, how deficient we welfare in agricultural statistics and how urgent it was to make up that deficiency if the country was to 0 progress in developing its agriculture on planned lines. I am glad to say that during the nine years that the society has been  in existence, substantial progress has been made in improving our agricultural statistics. Your society can claim to have made a substantial contribution to this improvement.

It seems to me very necessary that we should know for each small area in the country the basic structure of agriculture, the number and size of holdings and their characteristics, the conditions under which the land is held and worked by the farmer the pattern of land utilization a availability of animal power and most important of all, the state of agricultural employment. At the last meeting of the society, I placed before you a somewhat different aspect of agricultural statistics concerning information on increase in yield expel ted under actual farming conditions from different agricultural improvements such as the use of fertilizer, irrigation, improved varieties of seed, etc. On the present occasion, I want to place before you a somewhat more integrated picture of the inter relationship and utilization of these statistics in view of the sustained and systematic effort agriculture. In presenting this broad picture, however, I statistician. I shall speak as a layman, who is impressed with the need and the value of having adequate agricultural statistics as the basis for effective planning.

Everyone of us, in a sense, has to plan for securing for himself and for his family max. Comforts and happiness within his resources and income. In regard to agricultural planning, the idea could be best illustrated by considering the case of an individual farmer. The resources ordinarily available to a farmer and his land, his own labor and that of his family and some capital.


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