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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 12

12Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, from July 1991 up to Feb. 1993, within a matter of one and a half years they have presented three budgets. Every time the freight rates have gone up by more than 35 per cent which makes all the difference for the country’s economy and the common man’s plight. This causes escalation in the cost of the goods. There were 16 items under special consideration of which the extra freight was not to be increased. But even freight on those goods also has been increased substantially. They have not been able to concentrate more on improving the efficient and plug in down the leaks and educational cost.

The fuel cost they should have reduced substantially. Even today after so many years still we are using locomotives which are most inefficient and should have been scrapped long time back. Today everything has to go within electrification or dieselization as far as possible. Even the electrification which was sanctioned last year has not been taken up. The ministry has provided only Rs. 15 crores and in 1990 when it was completed it cost Rs. 126 crores. You can see the escalation in cost that happened due to process.

Train accidents are also one of the most important things. It is causing alarm at the South Central Railway. Maintenance of track is very important and the other is pro0per bridges should be there. They have to do lot of improvement.

They have developed the latest technology but they not have proper technicians. They are not up to the mark at some places.

Even comptroller and Auditor General have also made complaint about the expenses and idling of the equipment. Lot of steel and various material has not been properly utilized. This escalates the cost.

If you look at all these things that requires lot of efficiency. In the coming year they say that they can handle up to 370 million tones of goods. It is not up handle up to 370 million tones of goods. It is not up to the mark. They should have handled at least 400 million tones so that it will improve the efficiency.


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