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Self-Help – English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay on – Self-Help

God helps those who help themselves. It is still true. The key to acquiring permanent glory is the attitude of self-help. It means one should do one’s work oneself.

A person who always does his work with his own hands is ever happy. He learns to respect the labour of other people too. He becomes more sympathetic to the problems that a person faces while doing tasks on his own.

A student who uses shortcuts to copy other’s notes gradually depends on their resources. As he grows, he neither develops respect for hard work nor does he grow into a proper human being. He becomes a liability for the society. This is a bad habit. It must be given up as early as possible.

No country can become great and prosperous if its people do not have respect for self-help. A nation has to depend on its own people to achieve self-sufficiency. If a country needs money or resources, it can hope to get them through World Bank or international aid. However, if it lacks the moral courage and attitude of hard work, it cannot achieve it by begging from others. A nation has to develop its human and natural resources if it wants to progress. If its people have the attitude of hard work, it can utilize all its loans and internal resources so that a stage may come when it may not require any outside aid or help.

To sum up, we have to develop ourselves into a good citizen and good nation. Therefore, we must learn the value and importance of self-help.

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