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Report Writing on “Dacoity Attempt Foild” Report writing for class 10, 11 and 12 Students.

Dacoity Attempt Foild 

Dec. 27: An exemplary act of courage by a housewife, all alone in the house, foiled an attempt to loot a house in Vasant Kunj during broad daylight. Around 1.30 p.m. three well-dressed youths, mistaken for being salesmen from some corporate, got down from a Maruti 800. One of the youths was carrying, what seemed to be a vacuum cleaner. They rang the doorbell, and when Mrs. Nivedita opened the door after enquiring about them, they introduced themselves as salesmen from a reputed vacuum cleaner company who wished to demonstrate the product. As one of the youths was in the process of demonstration, the other youth took out a country-made revolver and asked the lady to hand over all the valuables in the house. Immediately, the lady started shouting and flung a flower vase the one, who was holding the gun. He fired the gun, but it went wide off Mrs. Nivedita. In the meanwhile, she pressed the alarm bell and the youths took to their heels, seeing that their attempt has failed. The police swooped on the premises within ten minutes. All the men appeared to be in their early twenties. The car, in which these youths were travelling, was a blue Maruti. The police believes that there is involvement of an insider.


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