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Reply Letter from a friend to another.

Reply Letter from a friend to another.

Dear Sanjeev,

You can never imagine the amount of joy your letter brought me. I received your epistle on the 20th August and I must admit that Indian Postal service has really improved a lot. Tell you what, from the day you left Darbhanga, I was feeling very lonely and depressed, but on receiving your letter I felt much better. Nice to know that you have adjusted with the busy city life of Delhi. Out here, everyone is fine but the heat here is equally unbearable with sudden and long power cuts. My practice is as usual and very soon here will be the holidays, for summer, when the courts will remain closed. Going through you letter I have also decided that I will also shift to Delhi, so in case you know some reputed lawyers of high court, then just have a word with them. I’m planning to visit Delhi in the first week of May and I’ll stay with you for a couple of days. How’s Bhabhi and the children? Give my regards to your wife and love to your children. I miss them a lot.

I hope you have cut down on your smoking and taken care of your health. Knowing you eating habit, do not have much to do with outside food as Delhi is also the capital of different and hitherto unknown diseases. Do write back as your letters are very special and brings me a lot of happiness.

Remembering you always,



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