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Letter from a friend to another.

Letter from a friend to another.

Dear Manoj


Hi! Missing you a lot. How are you and the other family members? Give my regards to the elders and love to youngers. Life has suddenly become very busy but at the same time quite lonely. My job is quite lucrative considering the perks I’m getting. How are things at your front? Hope you are continuing with your legal practice, but then such a small city like Darbhanga, does not give you much to do. In case you are interested to come down to Delhi then let me know, I’ll try to do something for you. No doubt there is lot of competition in Delhi, but knowing you well I’m sure that you can make a good headway, once you get a break. At this time. Delhi is literally boiling and with sudden power-cuts, things have become worse. However, I have adjusted to the busy-life of this city and in the evenings usually go to watch some good English plays. I have also taken the membership of American Library and British Library and is having a great time with good books-as you know my passion

for reading.

Yours forever,



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