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Reply Letter friend from abroad, regarding visiting India.

Reply Letter friend from abroad, regarding visiting India.

My Evergreen Friend,


Let me confess to you that with time being so short, you are the first person, outside Germany with whom I am communicating in the last three years. If I am not incorrect, my addressing you, Gulab, is how you used to introduce yourself to Harvard as “Mr. Evergreen”, a term that you picked up after your favourite Indian hero, whose name I’m forgetting at the moment. Anyway, more than me, Sally with our three-year-old Katherin wants to meet you more. After going through your emotional and nostalgic letter, I’ve decided to stay in your august company for a period of five days viz., Jan. 17 to Jan. 21. I’ve my return tickets for Jan. 23. Wherever you want to take us and whatever you plan to do to us, is entirely at your discretion. Now you have to plan everything for us and we are at your mercy. Yeah! I’ve yet to meet your better half because from the photographs you had sent me about your wedding, she is simply mind-blowing and I don’t mind asking her for a date. Certain habits never change. I’m reaching India, landing at Mumbai on Jan. 10, 2003, and thereafter visit the Indian associates and finalise the paperwork, which should be over within a week’s time. And food should be completely Indian, I used to love that taste of Indian spices while dining with you. This letter I’m writing to you, during my flight from Geneva to Frankfurt and the plane is about to touch down. So, I end my letter here wishing you “A Prosperous 2003”.

Always Yours,



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