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Letter to a friend abroad asking for a favour.

Letter to a friend abroad asking for a favour.

Dear Sunil,

Massachusetts (U.S.A.)

Hello! How is life? How’s your family? Hope everything is fine at your end. I haven’t heard from you for long. Hope you are quite busy with your job. I came to know from Arun, who was in India, a week back that you are planning to come down to India to visit your native city, Patna. I met your parents some two months back while they were in Delhi to negotiate the marriage of your sister. I’m sure that you are aware that Sunita is getting married in the first week of February. Well, as far as I’m concerned, life is playing all sorts of games with me and fate delivered its most cruel blow when my wife was afflicted with cancer, a year back. This has thrown life out of gear and for the last one year my life has gone totally haywire. Even after a lot of medication to prevent the cancer from developing into the later stages of malignant, an immediate operation is on anvil. This has caused an immense trauma in the family. The operation itself is a very costly affair and this particular thing has shattered my inner strength to fight this deadly disease. I’m writing this letter to you in total compulsion. Since my school days, our relationship had never been based on monetary aspect, but today I’m forced to ask you for some financial assistance to help me overcome this moment of trouble. The entire operation is going to cost around 7 lacs, which at his point of time is a Herculean task for me. Till now with all my assets, I have been able to raise around 4 lacs, with some contributions coming from my organisation. Unable to see any light at the end of the tunnel, the only one who came to my mind was you. It would be very considerate on your part if you could comfortably lend me some amount. In case you are not able to afford the amount, be transparent enough to say No so that I can manage from your reply. some other sources, which I have to probe.

Looking forward to

Yours Alok


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