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Paragraph on “Sleep and Exercise” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Sleep and Exercise

Our body needs regular periods of rest. This rest is provided by sleeping, generally at night, and we spend about one third of our life in this activity. When we sleep our muscles are relaxed but our brain continues to work so that it can control our body functions which include breathing, heartbeat etc. A new born child sleeps practically the whole day and wakes up only to be fed. A full grown adult needs at an average about eight hours of sleep per day. Lack of sleep makes a person feel exhausted and tired and at times makes him confused and irritated and lack of sleep beyond sixty hours makes a person hear things which are not there and also see illusions. While sleeping, our condition constantly changes from deep sleep to light sleep. During the periods of light sleep there are eye and body maveinents because the brain activity is continuing at a faster pace compared to deep sleep when the electrical discharge from the brain is slower. We often have dreams in our sleep, reasons for which are not known and when we get up, there are occasions when we can remember our dreams.

Our body is like a complex machine and as much as it needs rest, it also needs exercise to keep the muscles in good shape. Lack of exercise makes the muscles weak and slows down the blood circulation. A person who does not regularly exercise, consumes very little energy as a result of which he or she accumulates fat and becomes overweight. Exercise helps to make the muscles strong and ready for action. Muscle movement also speeds up blood circulation in the body as a result of which a fit person is more likely to live longer and suffer from lesser ailments. It is therefore necessary that we regularly exercise to maintain the fitness of our body.


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