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Letter to father from an errant son.

Letter to father from an errant son.

Respected Father,

At the outset I would like to apologise from the core of my heart for the gross misconduct of running away from home without any information. How’s mother and Rajesh? I can understand the parental anxiety you have gone through and try as much as I can, I’m sure I can never forgive myself for this agony caused to you. Although I do not deserve forgiveness, but I’ll request you to give me one chance more to restore the faith that you had in me. I have joined an MNC here just a month back and I’ll come to Patna within the next three months. Do not be worried about me. After all I’m your son and I can take care of myself. I’m very worried about mother and very soon I’ll give you a call but I’m still scared about mother’s scolding. How’s Rajesh’s preparation for exams going on? Keep me informed at the mentioned address on my visiting card. Sorry.

Yours Apologetic Son,


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