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Reply Letter from father to an errant son.

Reply Letter from father to an errant son.

Dear Ramesh

Your letter yesterday brought back smiles to everyone in the house. Your mother, though very happy, has still maintained a stoic attitude. You need not be apologetic about the incidents. These are the adventures of life and you have made me very proud by proving to me that you are more suited temperamentally for the corporate sector than a banker. Do your work with sincerity and I’m confident that you’ll scale the corporate hierarchy very soon. As for your coming here you need not worry, I’m coming to Mumbai very soon to meet my earning son. Your brother as managed to scrape through the bank exams and he will be joining soon. I believe that since you did not commit any mistake, the question of forgiveness does not arise. Enjoy your job and life. See you soon.

Yours Everloving.



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