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Letter to Editor regarding recent Earthquake.

Letter to Editor regarding recent Earthquake.


I would like to draw your attention towards the article “Gujarat Earthquake – the fury of nature” date January 27, 2001, in which you have mentioned about the impending danger to Delhi, more or less of the same proportion, in case an earthquake of the same dimension is to hit Delhi. This has created a panic among the Delhites, who have flouted all constructional norms while building their houses or kothis. The alarm bells have been sounded and Delhiites feel it is high time to take stock of the situation, but in doing so, blaming the Delhi government is uncalled for. One look at the high-rise apartments within a limited area gives one an idea, how badly the people of Delhi long for their dream house. The builders take undue advantage and use low-quality cement with more sand that have very low resistance capacity. Moreover, polluting the city with household garbage has made Yamuna not only polluted but also smaller. This causes more threat as dry riverbeds cannot absorb the pressure of earthquakes. I would like to inform all those scared souls that it is the right time to renovate their houses and in case of further construction to take care of the space in which the construction is to be carried out. Or else, Gujarat quake will look miniscule in front of Delhi.

Yours Truly,



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