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Letter to Editor regarding the telephonic threats.

Letter to Editor regarding the telephonic threats.


This is to inform the Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, as to how one of the basic social amenities is being misutilised. Telephone abuses and telephonic threats have become quite prevalent nowadays. As a matter of fact, India ranks very high regarding the misuse of telephones. The P.C.O. booths have become a heaven for the rowdy elements who waste their money and the precious time of the public in making false calls to the residents of girls thereby causing an uncomfortable scenario to them. Such Romeos should be rounded off by the police and sent to one-day imprisonment. Recently my neighbour who has two daughters was so harassed on the telephone that he decided to get his line disconnected and instead go for a mobile phone. Moreover, in the P.C.O. booth, there are many numbers scribbled and the Romeos keep ringing these numbers. The police should contain this offense by devising ways to apprehend such rowdy elements, whose main purpose is to enjoy, at the helplessness of others.

Yours Truly,

Bhairo Singh


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